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VIDEO: Pelosi Says ‘Of Course’ Democrat House Could Overturn Election Results To Let Democrat Win Months After Losing Election

VIDEO: Pelosi Says ‘Of Course’ Democrat House Could Overturn
Election Results To Let Democrat Win Months After Losing
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After Republican Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks won her race in Iowa’s second district against Democrat Rita Hart, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said “of course” the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives could overturn the election results.

“I respect the work of the committee. I did see, as you saw in the press, uh, what they uh, decided to uh, uh, and, and they were following my, as I read it, the requirements of the law as to how you go forward, and how you go forward is the path you’re on, and uh, and we’ll see where that takes us. Yeah, but there could be a scenario to that extent, yes,” said Pelosi.

This comes after National File reported that the US House of Representatives was set to consider overturning the Iowa election results in an effort spearheaded by Clinton-allied attorney Marc Elias.

“The House Administration Committee gathered virtually Friday afternoon to finalize the process by which it will adjudicate Hart’s claim, which was filed under the Federal Contested Elections Act,” Politico reported. “The committee has been largely silent since Hart first made her contest in December, but the hearing suggests that it is preparing to review the matter further.”

The Democrats, especially those in the Pelosi-dominated House, have repeatedly denied the existence of voter fraud in the 2020 election. However, due to President Trump’s effective campaigning, their majority in the House shrunk to just five members. If they overturn the results of the election to allow Hart to take her Republican opponent’s seat, this margin would increase to six.

Republicans and Trump voters have been heavily focused on election integrity following credible evidence of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election. Democrats, Biden voters, and mainstream media outlets, and leftists organizations, who many would argue perpetuate and deliberately work to encourage voter fraud, have vehemently denied the allegations, calling it President Trump’s “Big Lie” to “subvert democracy.”

In some instances, many left wing figures and establishments have hijacked the term “voter suppression” to push back against any reasonable measures currently taken to maintain secure elections in the United States, oftentimes blaming “racism”. For example, the ACLU claims, “Over 30 states have considered laws that would require voters to present a government-issued photo ID in order to vote. 11 percent of American citizens lack such an ID and would be required to navigate the administrative burdens to obtain one or forego the right to vote entirely.” In other words, they think it’s racist to make sure a vote is cast by an eligible voter, and they don’t think you are capable of handling the “administrative burden” of making a trip to the DMV.

The left wing push to seemingly enable voter fraud has left Americans questioning their motives. Ironically, the Iowa Democrat is blaming her election loss on fraud. Democrats in the House appear to share her sentiments and are set to take away Rep. Miller-Meeks’ seat and hand it over to their candidate, increasing their House majority from 5 to 6.

If addressing allegations of voter fraud prevalent enough to change the results of an election deemed the most secure election in US history is, as the left says, a subversion of democracy, it would seem that House Democrats are about to do just that.

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