VIRGINIA: Blackface Northam Orders Statewide Curfew, Bans Gatherings of More Than 10

VIRGINIA: Blackface Northam Orders Statewide Curfew, Bans
Gatherings of More Than 10 1

Virginia Governor Ralph “Blackface” Northam ordered a statewide
curfew Thursday, doubling down on his New York-style shutdown while
also acting to further limit private gatherings just ahead of

At a Thursday afternoon press conference, the Governor announced
that effective December 14th, Virginians will not be permitted to
leave their homes between the hours of 12 midnight and 5 AM. Mask
mandates have been further expanded and now apply to all settings
when a prescribed 6 feet of “social distancing” is not

Additionally – and just in time for Christmas – the
Governor’s orders will further limit the size of private
gatherings in Virginians’ own homes, reducing the permitted
number of guests from 25 to 10.

According to Northam, state agencies have been told to ramp up
their enforcement of his executive orders. Those found in violation
may be charged with a Class 1 misdemeanor and face up to a year in

As I
previously reported
for National File, just ahead of
Thanksgiving, the Warren County, Virginia Sheriff’s Office issued
a warning to residents hosting gatherings in their homes.

“Per Executive Order #67, enforcement is the responsibility of
the Virginia Department of Health. This shall include public and
private in-person gatherings of more than 25 individuals being
prohibited. A gathering is ‘defined as but not limited to
parties, celebrations, or other social events, whether they occur
indoors or outdoors.’ Violations of section B paragraphs 1,2, and
3 of this Order shall be Class 1 misdemeanors…”

Opposite Warren County, a group of Lynchburg area counties have
considered “no
shut down resolutions
,” with Campbell County declaring itself
a “First Amendment Sanctuary.”

Under the
Campbell County resolution
, the Sheriff’s Office is not to
enforce sections of Northam’s restrictions that violate
citizens’ First Amendment rights, such as the right to free
assembly, heavily curtailed by Northam’s orders again on

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