Virginia Democrat Terry McAuliffe Claims CRT Indoctrination “As Important” As Math, English Education

Virginia Democrat Terry McAuliffe Claims CRT Indoctrination
“As Important” As Math, English Education 1

Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe claimed that critical race theory is “as important ” as math and English education in public schools, speaking on a C-SPAN broadcast in 2019.

McAuliffe has sought to distract from criticism of CRT indoctrination of Virginia’s schools, in the wake of a controversy that revealed that Loudoun County school board sought to cover up a sexual assault in a girl’s bathroom carried out by a transgender student.

Journalist and CRT critic Christopher Rufo published McAuliffe’s candid (and non-campaign) explanation of his views. McAuliffe argued that children are young as kindergarten-age should be subjected to critical race theory indoctrination, ensuring that they know no real alternative to the far-left religion now widely taught in American colleges and universities.

Education in nations considered to be America’s global rivals, such as China, focuses on math and science education. Other nations of the world, such as South Korea, have increasingly taught classical humanities that neoracist American educators find obsolete and useless, as well. Under McAuliffe’s vision, Virginia’s students will be subjected to divisive and bigoted left-wing education in schools, with curriculum accusing all white people of being inherently racist and encouraging youth to view every aspect of life and society through a lens of race and ethnicity.

McAuliffe, who previously served as governor of Virginia, is set to face Republican Glenn Youngkin in the November 2nd election. Polls indicate that candidates are neck-and-neck.

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