Virginia Democrat Terry McAuliffe Is Mad His GOP Opponent Won’t Accept Debate Moderated By Clinton Foundation Donor

Virginia Democrat Terry McAuliffe Is Mad His GOP Opponent
Won’t Accept Debate Moderated By Clinton Foundation Donor 1

Former Virginia governor and Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe is lashing out at his Republican opponent Glenn Youngkin for not agreeing to participate in a debate likely moderated by PBS anchor Judy Woodruff.

“Glenn still won’t agree to participate in the VBA [Virginia Bar Association] debate, a time-honored Virginia tradition,” McAuliffe tweeted. “He will do anything to hide from his job killing record and his extreme agenda. It’s past time he stop dodging tough questions and agree to this debate, which is less than 3 weeks away.”

What McAuliffe fails to acknowledge, however, is that the presumed moderator for the debate has donated to the Clinton Foundation. According to a 2015 Politico report, the PBS Newshour co-anchor donated $250 to the foundation’s “Clinton Haiti Relief Fund” in 2010.

Following a deadly earthquake that struck the Caribbean nation the same year, the Clintons’ Haiti project was developed purportedly to raise funds and provide aid to the country in the wake of the disaster. The relief fund, however, has since been viewed as a lucrative business venture that prioritized enriching Clinton allies over assisting the Haitian people.

While a moderator for the debate has yet to be announced, Woodruff filling the role seems likely given her previous stints as moderator for the Virginia Bar Association’s gubernatorial debates in the last two election cycles. If she’s selected, Woodruff’s past donations to the Clinton Foundation could raise the appearance of a conflict of interest given that McAuliffe previously served on the organization’s board of directors for several years.

During his 2013 bid for governor, the Virginia Democrat received upwards of $13 million from donors connected to the Clinton Foundation. According to the Washington Post, “More than 175 contributors to the Clinton Foundation and to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s 2016 Democratic presidential campaign have dug deep into their wallets for McAuliffe (D), often giving prolifically despite little or no connection to Virginia.”

In response to McAuliffe’s attacks, a spokeswoman for the Youngkin campaign blasted McAuliffe for spreading misinformation and stated that negotiations between the campaign and the VBA remain ongoing.

“Terry McAuliffe’s dishonesty continues, and now it appears he is trying to sabotage our ongoing communications with the VBA,” said Youngkin press secretary Macaulay Porter. “We look forward to getting to a resolution soon.”

Youngkin has so far accepted one debate invitation and plans to work out the details to attend two additional debates before the November contest.

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