Virginia Democrats Launch 'Antisemitism' Attack; Ignore McAuliffe and Sharpton

Virginia Democrats Launch 'Antisemitism' Attack; Ignore
McAuliffe and Sharpton 1

Virginia Democrats are accusing Republican gubernatorial nominee Glenn Youngkin of taking a donation from an allegedly “antisemitic” contributor — while ignoring Democratic nominee Terry McAuliffe’s recent appearance with Al Sharpton.

The state Democratic Party tweeted a demand earlier this month that Youngkin return $50,000 that his campaign received from Timothy Dunn, whom it called “an anti-semitic [sic] Republican ideologue.” The party included a screenshot from a 2018 article in Texas Monthly in which Dunn was said to have insisted that Christians lead a conservative organization.

But the Virginia Democrats’ tweet did not include a link to the article — for good reason: it went on to state: “Though Straus’s aides considered the statement anti-Semitic, it was more likely an expression of Dunn’s pro-evangelicalism.”

Meanwhile, the Virginia Democrats ignored McAuliffe’s “proud” appearance on MSNBC with host Al Sharpton, a left-wing ideologue who has become a party kingmaker despite a long history of racist and antisemitic rhetoric:

As Breitbart News has documented, Sharpton has a long history of racist, antisemitic, and homophobic rhetoric. He was considered too toxic, politically, for Barack Obama to be associated with him during the 2008 presidential campaign. However, Obama rehabilitated Sharpton after taking office, needing a grass roots ally among African American voters.

Sharpton played a kingmaking role in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary, with candidates courting his support.

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