Virginia Exit Polls: Economy, Education Number One Issues

Virginia Exit Polls: Economy, Education Number One
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The latest exit polls out of Virginia show that the economy, jobs, and education were the number one issues for voters heading into election day.

CBS News reported:

The economy and jobs are the top issues on voters’ minds in this election, roughly a third of voters said it is the most important issue facing Virginia, followed by education (about a quarter of voters). These are followed by taxes and the coronavirus, coming out ahead of abortion.

Terry McAuliffe (D) voters largely held a positive view of the economy, while roughly 60 percent of Glenn Youngkin (R) voters viewed the economy negatively.

An MSNBC exit poll also showed that 53 percent of voters had a favorable view of Youngkin, while only 44 percent had a favorable view of McAuliffe. The exit poll also showed that 43 percent of voters also favored Youngkin as the man to fix the economy over McAuliffe’s 40 percent.

On the issue of handling the coronavirus pandemic, McAuliffe bested Youngkin by seven points: 43 percent to 36 percent. However, the issue should have little impact on the overall election, with CBS News reporting that voters placed the coronavirus fourth on their list of pressing issues.

“In terms of issue importance, the coronavirus pandemic comes in fourth – behind the economy, education, and taxes,” noted CBS. “McAuliffe’s backers are about eight times as likely as Youngkin’s to say the coronavirus is the most important issue facing Virginia.”

Youngkin also held a slight edge over McAuliffe on the issue of education, with “just over half of voters” believing that  “parents should have a lot of say in what is taught in their child’s school,” according to CBS, adding:

[Youngkin] supporters are particularly likely to think so  – 8 in 10 think they should have ‘a lot’ of say.  Only a quarter of McAuliffe voters say that. Pre-election polls found this issue has energized many Republicans. Slightly more Youngkin voters select education as their top issue compared to McAuliffe backers. “

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