VIRGINIA: Former Trump Attorney Running For Delegate Promises Bill Banning Critical Race Theory, 1619 Project

VIRGINIA: Former Trump Attorney Running For Delegate
Promises Bill Banning Critical Race Theory, 1619 Project 1

Wren Williams, an attorney who helped President Trump fight election fraud before launching his own run for Delegate in Virginia’s 9th District, announced this week that upon victory in November he will sponsor legislation banning racist, anti-American curriculum inspired by critical race theory and the New York Times’ 1619 Project in Virginia’s schools.

Citing the widely reported clash between Loudoun County parents and school board members surrounding the embedding of critical race theory into the county’s school curricula, Williams announced his plans to introduce the bill banning critical race theory and the 1619 Project in a recent press release.

“What we have seen from Loudoun County Public Schools and the renaming of Patrick Henry Community College in recent weeks is only the tip of the iceberg,” said Williams. “Our universities, liberal activists, and politicians are raising our children to believe that America is an evil country and their fellow classmates are perpetrators of America’s sins.”

“The indoctrination of our children in Critical Race Theory is appalling and will prove fatal to our nation. We should be teaching our students that they are created equal, and to understand the past and present in a way that fosters grace and unity, not hatred and division.”

According to an outline of the bill, public schools and universities will be prohibited from teaching students that any sex, race, ethnicity, or religion is superior or inferior and will also be barred from teaching students that individuals, by virtue of their sex, ethnicity, or religion are responsible for actions committed by their ancestors or other group members. Additionally, the bill will ban public schools and universities from hiring instructors and establishing offices, departments, and faculty positions with the goal of advancing the type of racist, anti-American ideals put forth by critical race theory and the 1619 Project. 

“Virginia is a great state, full of opportunities for our children,” Williams said in the press release. “I am authoring this bill to block the implementation of Critical Race Theory in Virginia’s public schools and universities, and to refocus our education system on what makes America great, so that our children can grow up to make America into a greater and more unified nation still.”

As previously reported by National File, Virginia has become a lightning rod in the nationwide parental fight against the implementation of critical race theory in schools. In Northern Virginia’s Loudoun County, parents have faced personal attacks from left-wing school board members, teachers, and even the county’s Soros-funded prosecutor; all of whom have been identified as members of a Facebook group dedicated to doxing and destroying parents merely suspected of opposing the racist overhaul of their own children’s education.

Since the renewal of the left-wing Black Lives Matter political movement in 2020, Northern Virginia school districts, including Loudoun County, have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on so-called anti-racism training, inspired by critical race theory, for faculty and staff. Reportedly, the training often involves the humiliation and degradation of white attendees.

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