VIRGINIA: Jen Kiggans Plays Gender Card as Support Swells For Opponent, America First Jarome Bell

VIRGINIA: Jen Kiggans Plays Gender Card as Support Swells
For Opponent, America First Jarome Bell 1

Virginia State Senator and 2022 Congressional candidate, Jen Kiggans, has resorted to playing the gender card in her 2nd District GOP primary race against America First conservative Jarome Bell, linking herself to female Republicans already serving in Congress and calling on voters to put a female candidate on the ticket to send Washington a “wake-up call.”

Support for Bell has begun to swell as the race has gotten underway, bolstered by a flood of high-profile endorsements from nationally renowned conservatives, including General Michael Flynn, who spoke in support of Bell at a recent campaign event in Virginia Beach.

Playing the gender card in a recent fundraising email sent to supporters, Kiggans attempted to link her campaign to the record-high number of Republican women currently serving in Congress, remarking that “this party is just getting started,” and telling readers that if the GOP is to take back the 2nd District and the House of Representatives in 2022, they need a woman to do the job.

“Did you know?” Kiggans’ email asks the reader, “The number of Republican women in the House of Representatives right now is at a RECORD high! Thirty Two Republican Congresswomen. But this party is just getting started.”

“My campaign is one of the top races to win if we want to take back the House. Of the 15 House seats flipped by the GOP in November 2020, 11 were flipped by Republican women. Republicans are looking to continue the trend to take back the House and retire Nancy Pelosi as Speaker,” Kiggans email continues, going on to link her campaign to motherhood before calling herself a lifelong conservative. Despite her claims of lifelong conservatism, since arriving in Richmond, Kiggans has supported several key pieces of Blackface Governor Ralph Northam and the Democrats’ radical agenda, often rooted in left-wing ideas surrounding the sexes.

Shortly after arriving in Richmond to begin her term as a State Senator, Kiggans, who ran for office as a conservative, joined with Democrats and third-wave feminists in casting the deciding vote in favor of Virginia’s ratification of the so-called Equal Rights Amendment. Despite the potential for massive Constitutional ramifications caused by its ratification, Kiggans said during a floor speech that the Equal Rights Amendment is needed, due to its apparent symbolic value.

Kiggans has also joined with the gender-oriented far-left in voting to expand “hate crime” and anti-discrimination legislation to include gender identity and sexual orientation, including a vote in favor of the “Virginia Values Act,” which faith leaders and legal experts warn criminalizes Christianity in the name of left-wing political correctness and progressivism.

Taking her alliance with the LGBT lobby and the gender-oriented left to new heights, Kiggans, who touts her experience as a Nurse Practitioner on the campaign trail, voted against even the simplest of medical sciences, aligning with Democrats in voting to require the state registrar to issue new birth certificates to individuals proclaiming to be transgender, with the new certificate reflecting their sex of choice.

As the 2nd District GOP race gets underway ahead of the June 2022 primary, Kiggans, who enjoys the backing of the political establishment, will face off against a rising star in the America First movement, Jarome Bell, for the right to take on Democrat incumbent Elaine Luria, whose talking points and campaign material Kiggans has been accused of plagiarizing.

Since launching his campaign, Bell has drawn the support of grassroots activists and nationally renowned patriots alike, receiving endorsements from General Michael Flynn, Arizona audit champion Wendy Rogers, border hawk Congressman and election integrity champion Paul Gosar, and many more, including Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase, who has stood at the forefront of election integrity and pro-2nd Amendment efforts in the Commonwealth.

Chase called out Kiggans at a recent Jarome Bell for Congress event held in Virginia Beach, ripping the Senator for refusing to fight for free speech when she walked off the Senate floor as Democrats and GOP establishment members voted to censure Chase over her support of President Donald Trump and election integrity efforts. “Jen Kiggans walked off the floor and allowed me to be censured,” Chase said. “She did not stand up and fight for the 1st Amendment.”

Additionally, Chase pointed to Kiggans’ refusal to vote on a bill sponsored by Chase that would have stopped Virginia employers from forcing their employees into accepting the experimental COVID-19 vaccination shot. “When I presented my bill before the Senate Health and Education Committee, on which Senator Kiggans serves, she abstained from the vote,” Chase told the crowd of Bell’s supporters packed into the event venue.

“We don’t need Republicans walking away from issues that are important to the people!” Chase said, imploring voters to throw their support behind Jarome Bell and fellow America First conservatives.

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