VIRGINIA: Little League Coaches Forced to Cancel Practice, Attend Critical Race-Themed Workshop Instead

VIRGINIA: Little League Coaches Forced to Cancel Practice,
Attend Critical Race-Themed Workshop Instead 1

Alexandria Little League coaches will be forced to cancel practice and attend a critical race-themed workshop instead, as league officials in the Northern Virginia city partner with the Black Lives Matter-aligned Positive Coaching Alliance, which seeks to impress left-wing political views upon children through sports.

Alexandria Little League President, Sherry Reilly made the announcement in an email to coaches and board members, who will also be required to attend the May 24th “Sports Can Battle Racism” workshop.

According to a report from the Washington Free Beacon, which obtained a copy of the Alexandria Little League’s email directive, coaches attending the workshop will be taught to “create a caring climate” and how to “model anti-racist behavior” on the ball field. Identifying “internalized racism” of their own will also be on the agenda.  After the training, coaches will be expected to look out for “potential institutional racism” and to indoctrinate Little League players with far-left, race-oriented ideology by seizing upon “anti-racism learning opportunities” whenever they’re said to arise.

The Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA), which has officially partnered with the Alexandria Little League as well as other youth sports leagues nationwide, is a staunch ally of the political left, offering several critical race theory-themed programs tied to youth sports. In a Tweet pinned to the top of the group’s verified Twitter page following the guilty verdict handed down to former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin in the death of George Floyd, the group declares youth sports as their chosen avenue in professing left-wing views on “racial equity and social justice” to children.

The move towards the far-left by Alexandria Little League mirrors that of both Northern Virginia as a whole and Little League organizations nationwide. As previously reported by National File, the Northern Virginia region, which has undergone a mammoth demographic shift in recent decades, has become an epicenter of sorts in the parental fight against critical race theory and radical leftism in schools and extracurricular activities.

Earlier this year, a Little League Baseball team in Laurel, Delaware opted to force 5-year-old boys to wear pink uniforms in the name of “diversity,” prompting one parent to take a stand, and remove his son from the league when officials refused to step in and make a change. When local leftists got wind of the incident, the father’s home address was posted online, and the family faced death threats, as National File’s Lauren Witzke reported at the time.

Concerned Delaware father Adam Bailey immediately reached out to Laurel Little League to express his concern and ask for a uniform color change or a team switch for his 5-year-old son, which was immediately denied and dismissed because the father’s request was a hindrance to [League President] Snead’s diversity activism.

Snead has been accused of using his position as a Little League official to force a political agenda that disrupts the wholesome essence of family and community upon players. Critics have stated that forcing unhappy parents to watch as their little boys are forced to wear pink uniforms is a humiliation tactic used by diversity and LGBTQ activists, and has nothing to do with baseball.

Tee-ball father Adam Bailey doubled down and shared his interaction with the Laurel Little League President on Facebook and was immediately met with the public doxxing of his address and death threats, one of which coming from a Delaware local named Marcus Bounds.

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