Virginia Republicans Were Idiotic To Have Democratic Partisan Chuck Todd Moderate A Debate

Virginia Republicans Were Idiotic To Have Democratic
Partisan Chuck Todd Moderate A Debate 1

How in the world did the Virginia GOP permit Chuck Todd to take part in the debate between Democratic nominee Terry McAuliffe and Republican nominee Glenn Youngkin this week? How did that happen? Has the Virginia Republican Party learned less than nothing in the last 10 years?

Chuck Todd works for MSNBC, one of the left-wing cable news networks. He has spouted every single anti-Republican conspiracy theory Democrats have cooked up in recent years. He has personally participated in the censoring of real news and discussions that might harm his allies in the Democratic Party. He pushes for left-wing policy positions such as gun control, COVID lockdowns, and teaching racism to young children.

What was he doing as a “moderator” in a political debate on which he is a key Democratic activist? Seriously?

Todd deceptively edited a video of former Trump administration Attorney General William Barr and claimed he said the opposite of what he said. He lied about whether any Republican House members supported the first impeachment of President Trump. They did not, but he claimed one did.

Ignorant of all Founding Fathers’ views, he claimed that some Republicans don’t “believe in the Constitution” because they believe rights come from God. He rudely and belligerently pushed for his pet policy of gun control in a wreck of an interview of Rep. Steve Scalise, a House leader who had just been shot by a left-wing activist. An employee of the far-left MSNBC outlet, he blames Fox News, where this reporter is a contributor, for Americans noticing that the media are corrupt and biased.

This is who Virginia Republicans think should moderate a debate?

Todd is also a bitter clinger Russia conspiracy theorist. That theory was secretly bought and paid for by the Clinton campaign, fed to colluding media figures, and weaponized by corrupt intelligence officials.

Todd was one of its most enthusiastic pushers. He said the imaginary collusion was worse than the War of 1812. He claimed to believe the lies were “not a hoax,” as President Trump repeatedly claimed. He called the truth about the dirty operation a “conspiracy theory” and brutally disparaged — to the cheers of adoring media and other Democrats — Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin for his truthful statements and attempts to push back on the hoax.

He claimed that people were only attempting to hold corrupt bureaucrats accountable for improper surveilling of the Trump campaign in order to “make Donald Trump feel better.” He regularly acted as a lickspittle and maidservant to some of the worst actors, such as John Brennan.

My own husband doesn’t speak as lovingly to me as Todd does to Russia hoax co-conspirator John Brennan. This is who Virginia Republicans think should moderate a debate?

Also, Todd never apologized for pushing the Russia collusion lies. He defended the dossier after it had been shown to be false by a government report. He has pushed to remove political accountability from the Department of Justice.

Here’s a sample of the role he played in pushing the lie that Trump stole the 2016 election by colluding with Russia. He did this relentlessly, day after day, week after week, year after year:


Todd was pushing the Russia lies in June of 2020! “No hoax: Why the Russia investigation remains one of Trump’s biggest scandals,” Todd wrote — I am not making this up — despite the reality that it was lies cooked up by his fellow Democrats to hurt Trump.

A week later, he regurgitated yet another information op — this time the later-debunked lie about Russians paying bounties for American soldiers — asking, “Do you think that the president is afraid to make Putin mad because maybe Putin did help him win the election and he doesn’t want to make him mad for 2020?”

He is so extreme that he said a Department of Justice investigation into the origins of how the Russian lies were cooked up was based on “personal grievances and conspiracy theories.”

This is who Virginia Republicans think should moderate a debate?

Todd has described modest and minor Republican efforts to secure election integrity as “radical,” offering no pushback whatsoever when Democratic partisans describe even the most rudimentary efforts at election integrity as a return to Jim Crow and using other extreme and conspiratorial language. Todd is so aligned with Democrats on this most contentious issue that he rebutted President Trump’s 2020 convention speech on the topic, denying the reality that mail-in balloting is riper for irregularities than in-person balloting on election day.

He constantly rebutted Trump, regardless of the veracity of Trump’s claims. In August of 2020, for instance, he absurdly claimed that Obama had overseen a robust economy and that the Trump economy hadn’t been that special prior to COVID.

This is who Virginia Republicans think should moderate a debate?

Todd’s comments on the Republican gubernatorial candidate alone might have disqualified him from serving as a supposed “moderator” of a debate. His partner in the debate was Julie Carey, NBC4’s Northern Virginia Bureau chief. That bureau doxxed a teacher and tried very hard to get her fired because they didn’t like what she’d said about radical transgender policies and how they’re pushed on children.

The Republican Party needs to have some self-respect if it ever hopes to be treated with respect by others. Allowing naked partisans to “moderate” debates when they’re in actuality bigger political opponents than the opposing candidates is moronic. If the GOP wants to win elections, it must have higher standards for itself, instead of acting like an abused wife with poor self-esteem.

It is absolute madness that a partisan liar and conspiracy theorist such as Todd would be anywhere near that debate stage.

Of all the ways that Republican officials allow their voters to be treated like second-class citizens, permitting left-wing journalists to host political debates is one of the most egregious. No Republican candidate worth his or her salt, and no Republican organization, should allow himself or herself to take part in rigged debates hosted by left-wing journalists any more.

Journalists used to enjoy the privilege of moderating debates because they were viewed by the general public as independent voices who would help the voting public learn more about candidates’ positions and policies. Journalists have been biased against Republican candidates dating back at least to President Eisenhower, the first Republican president to complain about media bias.

The bias was so bad that President George H.W. Bush’s favorite campaign slogan was “Annoy the media: Re-elect Bush.” Nominees George W. Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney were all characterized as Hitler-like by top media figures.

Throughout decades of biased media coverage in favor of Democrats, Republicans sat there and took it. Refusing to stand up to the corrupt system was in large part why Trump enjoyed the support of so many Republican voters and was eventually elected president.

Since his campaign and election, though, the media somehow went from mere bias into pushing outright propaganda in their war on Americans who don’t share their political views. Whether it was the Russia collusion hoax they willfully participated in, the Brett Kavanaugh hoax they played a key role in promulgating, various impeachment efforts, or just run-of-the-mill advocacy on behalf of Democratic priorities and policies from abortion to getting rid of the filibuster, the corporate media are propaganda.

Ronna McDaniel has already said the Presidential Debate Commission has lost the right to control debates, on account of their massive corruption and bias. It should be no different for any other debate commission.

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