Virginia: RINO Jen Kiggans Voted With Dems On Transgender Bathrooms, Now She’s Trying To Ride Red Wave To Washington

Virginia: RINO Jen Kiggans Voted With Dems On Transgender
Bathrooms, Now She’s Trying To Ride Red Wave To Washington 1

After spending much of her Virginia State Senate career voting alongside the far-left Democrats who have dominated that state’s government, establishment-backed GOP’er Jen Kiggans is attempting to ride Virginia’s red wave to a Congressional seat in Washington.

In a fundraising email sent to voters after Virginia Republicans swept Tuesday’s statewide elections and took back the House of Delegates, Jen Kiggans looked to tie her 2022 congressional candidacy to the Commonwealth’s historic red wave. In doing so, Kiggans quoted Democrat Kamala Harris who, alongside Joe Biden, she has repeatedly declared a legitimate, duly elected executive of the United States despite severe, documented cases of election irregularities and fraud nationwide, including in her home state of Virginia.

“Vice President Kamala Harris came to Virginia last week and said ‘what happens in Virginia will in large part determine what happens in 2022, 2024, and on,’” Kiggans’ email reads. “I couldn’t agree with her more!” the email continues before Kiggans goes on to tie her own congressional run to the GOP’s recent success in Virginia.

“Virginians sent a loud and clear message on Tuesday: we are FED UP with the radical Democrat agenda,” the email went on, omitting the fact that Jen Kiggans sided with Democrats on a number of the issues that had Virginians “fed up” in the first place, including forcing trans bathrooms onto school children, and refusing to stand up against oppressive vaccine mandates.

As previously reported by National File, Kiggans was a supporter of the now-infamous Virginia Values Act. Backed by the radical-left LGBT lobby, the bill opened girls’ restrooms up to men, and the real-life effects of the bill, supported by Kiggans, became a focal point of Virginia’s recent Governor’s race after it was revealed that a female student at Loudoun County’s Stone Bridge High School had been raped in the girls’ bathroom by a “gender-fluid” male who donned a skirt during the attack. The “gender-fluid” rapist, who has been convicted in court, went on to allegedly sexually assault another female student after transferring to Broad Run High School and is currently awaiting trial in that attack.

Kiggans appears to have been silent on the bathroom rape issue, as her vote led directly to the circumstances under which it happened, and has never responded to multiple requests for comment on the matter from National File.

Vaccine mandates also took on a central role in Virginia’s 2021 elections, and despite Kiggans often touting her experience as a Nurse Practioner on the campaign trail, when it came time to stand for science, medical autonomy, and personal choice, Kiggans abstained from a vote in the Virginia State Senate which would have barred municipalities from forcing the experimental COVID jab on to their employees.

In contrast to Kiggans’ apparent big government leanings, Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin has promised to protect Virginians from COVID vaccine mandates, mask mandates, and lockdowns.

Jen Kiggans’ 2nd District primary race opponent, Jarome Bell, called her “disingenuous” after reading the fundraising email, said that Kiggans, like many other establishment Republicans, is adjusting her views to match the changing direction of political winds in Virginia.

“Disingenuous Republicans like Jen Kiggans are bad for the party and bad for the people of Virginia because they will vote the way the wind blows to benefit themselves,” Bell told National File.

“We cannot allow undercover Democrat Communists to masquerade as Republicans any longer,” he continued, before comparing Jen Kiggans to the 13 Republican members of Congress who sided with Democrats to vote in favor of Joe Biden’s disastrous $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill.

“We had 13 Republicans show themselves as traitors last night, and Jen Kiggans’ voting record in the Virginia State Senate shows her to be a traitor as well,” said Bell. “Jen Kiggans will be changing her mind on a lot of things after what has taken place in Virginia, but one thing she cannot change is the way that she voted with the radical, leftist communist Democrats as a Virginia State Senator.”

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