Vote Drama in Wayne County, Michigan Includes Harassment, Intimidation and Doxing of Republican Canvass Board Members

Vote Drama in Wayne County, Michigan Includes Harassment,
Intimidation and Doxing of Republican Canvass Board Members 1

Let’s keep our eyes on Wayne County, Michigan. The four-memeber canvassing board there at first voted on party lines not to certify the Nov. 3 results. The two Republicans on the board cited irregularities in the vote and called for a state investigation. The two Democrats on the board voted to certify the results.

After that initial vote, the two Republicans were very swiftly doxed and harassed online and on social media. The two Democrat members both went on tirades on video, accusing the two Republicans of racism and threatening them.

The canvassing board met again Tuesday and the two Republicans reversed their previous vote, voting to certify the Wayne County results.

John Solomon picks up the story at Just the News:

In an extraordinary turnabout that foreshadows possible legal action, the two GOP members of Wayne County’s election board signed affidavits Wednesday night alleging they were bullied and misled into approving election results in Michigan’s largest metropolis and do not believe the votes should be certified until serious irregularities in Detroit votes are resolved.

The statements by Wayne County Board of Canvassers Chairwoman Monica Palmer and fellow GOP member William C. Hartmann rescinding their votes from a day earlier threw into question anew whether Michigan’s presidential vote currently favoring Democrat Joe Biden will be certified. They also signaled a possible legal confrontation ahead.

Both issued sworn affidavits stating they had been subjected to intimidation, and that they rescinded their votes to certify, Wednesday night.

Wayne County is home to Detroit, Michigan’s largest city and a Democrat stronghold. Both of the Republican canvassers cite “discrepancies in nearly three quarters of Detroit’s precinct poll books where ballots are supposed to be matched to qualified voters.” The Republican canvassers called for an audit after their vote to certify.

Canvassers Monica Palmer and William Hartmann have claimed the promises made to them of a “comprehensive audit” of the Nov. 3 election should they certify “will not be fulfilled.”

“I rescind my prior vote to certify Wayne County elections,” Palmer said in an affidavit signed Wednesday night. “I fully believe the Wayne County vote should not be certified.”

There’s no doubt that the two Republicans were subjected to harassment, doxing, and false accusations after initially voting against certifying the result in the key county. Michigan’s presidential result is now in doubt according to the Detroit News.

It’s not clear whether the affidavits have any legal effect on Tuesday’s certification, which moved Wayne County’s results on to the bipartisan Board of State Canvassers. Even if Palmer and Hartmann were able to rescind their votes, the deadline for Wayne County to certify its results has already passed, in which case any uncertified results would pass on to the state board.

It should go without saying that no one should subject canvass board members anywhere in the country to harassment, doxing, or intimidation. That clearly did happen to Palmer and Hartmann, in behavior from Democrats worthy of the worst actors in a banana republic.

As of the election, control of Michigan is split, with Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmire in the top executive role and Democrats elected to the lieutenant governor, attorney general, and secretary of state offices, but Republicans controlling the state senate and house.

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