Wait a Second — Who is That With Dan Crenshaw in His Georgia Runoff Ad?

Wait a Second -- Who is That With Dan Crenshaw in His
Georgia Runoff Ad? 1

I had to do a double-take: Who is that alongside Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) in his “Georgia Reloaded” ad? Is that who I think it is?

Here’s a closer look.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw’s “Georgia Reloaded” video. Screenshot from YouTube.


That’s Marcus freakin’ Luttrell.

The Lone Survivor. The former SEAL. The man who literally never quits.

Dan Crenshaw and Marcus Luttrell, both Texans, are banding together to save Republican control of the Senate in the upcoming Georgia runoffs. It means something, or at least it should, to have two young, bona fide American war heroes and Purple Heart recipients stepping up to campaign despite not being on the ballot.

Luttrell doesn’t usually do politics but he’s putting it on the line for Georgia to keep the Senate in Republican hands. Much respect for getting involved. I’ll disagree with my colleague Megan Fox on the ad and the importance of voting if you live in Georgia. The Democrats have pledged to use the thinnest of margins in the House and the Senate, plus their questionable (to say as little as possible about that for the moment) White House win to shove extreme policies down our throats. There’s already word Biden will go after the Second Amendment, hurt our energy industry, and raise taxes. The best thing he could do for the country is just let people be for a while. But he is not going to do that. His base has a very expensive wish list.

For all the talk of “unity,” here’s how Joe Biden behaves.

Use that as metaphor for the Constitution if the Democrats take the Senate.

Boycotting the Georgia vote will only serve to allow the Democrats to consolidate their power. Keeping the Senate in Republican control provides at least the possibility of stopping them. It provides the possibility of putting a check on Biden’s extreme pro-China and anti-American business and energy policies.

In order for that to happen, both Sens. David Purdue and Kelly Loeffler have to win and they have to win beyond the margin of shenanigans. So Georgia Republicans and independents have to get out and vote GOP in big numbers.

The ad itself has its cool factor. Crenshaw, Luttrell (!) and Rep. Kevin Brady do their Avengers thing. It’s a sequel to the ad in which Crenshaw, Reps.-elect Tony Gonzales, August Pfluger, Beth Van Dyne, and candidates Genevieve Collins and Wesley Hunt, loaded up before the election to save Texas from those who wish to destroy it by turning it blue.

It makes sense to continue the story. Texas stayed red but the republic isn’t saved. This time, Crenshaw skydives in to defeat antifa, with a brief history lesson about them, and does some cool stuff. Crenshaw may or may not have sought an excuse to skydive because it looks cool. Fine with me.

I don’t have to tell you that our country is in deep trouble. We need inspirational figures who are unabashedly patriotic to step up. Crenshaw and Luttrell literally bled for our country and both fit the bill. They walk the walk. Georgia matters to the future of our republic and they’re up for saving it.

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