Want unity, Joe? Then call for a real election review

Want unity, Joe? Then call for a real election
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In the presidential election aftermath, with Democrats clamoring for unity, a classic tactic in football used by the offense immediately after a questionable penalty has been called against the defense comes to mind. As a call is not reviewable once the next play is in motion, a quarterback rushes his team back up to the scrimmage line to initiate it.

We are witnessing the employment of such a tactic politically by Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats. On offense, Biden, inappropriately coronated “president-elect” by liberal media supporters, is rushing his transition team to the line for a play, before a questionable presidential election call can be reviewed. He calls President Donald Trump “an embarrassment” for refusing to concede as Democrats who supported Stacey Abrams in her failed gubernatorial campaign in Georgia ignore her continuing refusal to concede her loss.

At a time America is burdened by a Democratic Party that places political power above national security interests and worked for four years to undermine Donald Trump’s presidency by falsely promoting his illegitimacy based on the Russian collusion hoax, one would think Democrats would prefer nipping in the bud any future illegitimacy claims against a Biden presidency for the next four years by supporting an election review now.

Not only is such a review important to determine the real 2020 winner of the presidential sweepstakes but it is a necessary step, based on numerous reports of fraud even from among Democratic supporters, to restore voter confidence in fair elections – a prelude to any effort to unify America. Unsurprisingly, however, this is not the case as, once again, Democrats promote political power over national security, preferring to leave a potential Biden presidency tainted by the claim he won election with a little help from his fraudulent friends. In fact, Biden, dismissing any real concerns for unity, just added fuel to the fraud fire by hiring onto his team the chairman of the company that provided the election’s voting machines.

Taking his media crown seriously enough to prompt a victory speech, Biden cites America’s discord, claiming he will be president of all the people. That should demand he demonstrate the qualities of a prospective president committed to integrity by embracing an election review. Not only would doing so help the country support the legitimacy of his election, it would help restore its confidence in the voting system. That is what is expected from a president of all the people.

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Our enemies fear a unified America, knowing such support behind a president makes us an unstoppable force. It should come as no surprise, therefore, why those enemies favored Biden in the election. Embracing him as president were China, Iran, Russia, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Palestinian Authority, the Communist Party of America, etc.

Liberals infamously raise claims of racism and the suppression of black voters against Republicans whenever possible, no matter how outrageous the claim. Accordingly, a voter fraud lawsuit filed by Trump in Michigan prompted Democrat Attorney General Dana Nessel to raise the racist banner. Offering no supportive evidence, she bizarrely claimed the lawsuit blames black people for voter fraud. Specifically, she argued, “Really the themes that we see, that persist, are this: Black people are corrupt, black people are incompetent and black people can’t be trusted. That’s the narrative that is continually espoused by the Trump campaign and their allies in these lawsuits.” Since Trump won the highest non-white vote for a Republican in 60 years, one applying Nessel’s logic could make the contrary argument Democrats’ failure to support the review of a heavy pro-Trump minority voting process suppresses those votes.

It is not just by failing to support an election review that Democrats demonstrate unity is far from their leadership’s collective mind. It is reflected too by Democrats’ effort to overturn an initiative taken over a century ago that sought to unite a still divided America years after our Civil War. They seek to eradicate an historical effort simply to accommodate their “woke” agenda today.

Under the sponsorship of wannabe Native American Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act is being pushed to mandate action within three years to rename bases, streets, aircraft, ships, etc. that have been named for Confederate officers or honoring the confederacy in any way. While Warren naively sees the names as a “tribute to white supremacy,” her amendment ignores an important fact. Years after our Civil War, efforts were being made to unify the country in various ways, including naming military assets after revered members of an enemy army of brothers.

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Warren undoubtedly is unaware, but one of her own state’s most famous native sons, Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Homes (1841-1935), who fought for the North during the Civil War, spoke richly about his brothers of the South in an 1884 Memorial Day speech. He eloquently noted, seeking to heal the wounds of war:

“… We believed that it was most desirable that the North should win; we believed in the principle that the Union is indissoluable. … But we equally believed that those who stood against us held just as sacred conviction that were the opposite of ours, and we respected them as every man with a heart must respect those who give all for their belief. … As it was then, it is now. The soldiers of the war need no explanations; they can join in commemorating a soldier’s death with feelings not different in kind, whether he fell toward them or by their side.”

The Civil War uniquely saw brother fight brother. We do not honor enemy heroes of any other wars we fought by naming bases after them. But doing so for hero brothers helped prove a nation once divided could again stand united – a particularly important lesson today. Thus, if Warren knew her history, she would accept the naming of U.S. bases after Confederate leaders not as an act of division but of reconciliation. It is her legislation that now suggests she prefers division to reconciliation.

Biden’s effort to sing the blues about our country’s need to unify under his leadership is an attempt at manipulation, seeking to bring his team up to the line of scrimmage, hoping to initiate another play, before an official review can be undertaken of the voting process. If he truly sought to unify the country as president, he would act presidential by reeling in Warren and her ilk and by fully supporting a review of a most suspect voting process.

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