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WATCH: Allen West Hints at Run for Texas Governor, Discusses 2020 Voter Fraud Exposed by National File

WATCH: Allen West Hints at Run for Texas Governor, Discusses
2020 Voter Fraud Exposed by National File 1

Speaking exclusively to National File, Lt Col Allen West hinted at a run for the Governor of Texas, along with discussion voter fraud exposed by National File’s Patrick Howley.

Lt Col Allen West spoke to National File Editor in Chief Tom Pappert and Senior Reporter Patrick Howley on Thursday, with Pappert quizzing him on his rumoured run for the Governor of Texas. West coyly noted that are some “political opportunities” for him, and as many people want him to “get back into the arena and fight for liberty” in an elected position, he will be set to make an announcement “within the next 96 hours” as to his political future.

Watch the full interview with Lt. Colonel Allen West on Gab TV:

West slammed the mask mandates and other restrictions implemented during the coronavirus pandemic. “No elected official has the enumerated power to decide or determine who or what is essential,” West said. “Not in the state of Texas, nowhere in America. So I think that’s what people are looking for, individuals that will stand up and fight for their liberties and freedoms,” he continued, adding that “the American people are looking for statesmen and leaders, they’re not looking for politicians, they’re not looking for tyrants who are going to usurp their freedoms and liberties.”

Howley, who has extensively covered an alleged voter fraud operation run by Biden’s Texas political director Dallas Jones in Harris County, asked West on his thoughts on what happened during the 2020 election. “There’s no doubt about… that there were unconstitutional actions,” in that election, West said. “Harris County is the ground zero for what could have been catastrophic results here in Texas.”

He noted that Harris County Elections Clerk Chris Hollins was “without a doubt doing things that were in violations of the Texas constitution,” during the last election, including the mailing out of over 2.7 million unsolicited ballots in the mail, and establishing curbside voting locations in Democrat areas. “Everything that the left wanted to do as far as election integrity and undermining that, they wanted to have that happen in Harris County,” West added.

“We’ve got to pass election integrity legislation, which the Democrats blocked,” he continued, praising the efforts of the forensic audit currently taking place  in Arizona. “They walked out at the final hours of our legislative session, but we’re going to have a special session and we’re going to get it done, because we’ve got to protect ourselves against these nefarious actors.”

“This is a great time for someone that wants to step up and show leadership in Texas, because right now it’s kind of missing,” West concluded.

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Election Fraud
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