WATCH: Black Texas Resident Demetria Smith Stands For Election Integrity, Owns The Democrats

WATCH: Black Texas Resident Demetria Smith Stands For
Election Integrity, Owns The Democrats 1

Demetria Smith, a black West Houston resident, spoke in favor of Election Integrity, which is now being debated at the Texas legislature as Republicans are expected to pass one or more election integrity bills. Smith obliterated the Democrats during her impassioned speech at the Committee on Elections at the Texas state Capitol on April 1.

This video of Smith’s speech from April was obtained by NATIONAL FILE. Republicans are fighting to pass election protection bills, but Democrats even walked off the floor of the state House recently to postpone a vote on the bill. Governor Greg Abbott then de-funded the state legislature and forced the Democrats to come back to work for a special session to get the bill passed. (AUDIO: Biden Campaign Oversaw Theft of Living and Dead Identities For Absentee Ballots In 2020 Election).

“Democrats are making this bill to be a Jim Crow 2.0, voter suppression bill across the nation. I’m black, at least that’s what they call me. But it is not a Jim Crow 2.0. It’s election accountability, super accountability, 2.0. And that’s what we need,” Demetria Smith declared to the lawmakers.

“I want the black base to know that Democrats are playing on our emotions. They want you out there to create chaos. They want you out there to burn down buildings. They want you out there flipping over cars. They want to play on your emotion.” Smith said that Democrats are “making a mockery of my suffrage, and you use it for your advantage for your own agenda so you can keep your own seat. It’s not about the people…Keep this bill pushing!” Smith also pointed out that Republicans supported the Civil Rights Act while Democrats opposed it because, in her words, Democrats “didn’t want you to have voting rights.”

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