[WATCH] Dan Crenshaw's New 'Superhero' Ad for Georgia Elections

[WATCH] Dan Crenshaw's New 'Superhero' Ad for Georgia
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Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) has done it again and released a slickly-produced ad sure to delight the right and aggravate the left. The ad continues the theme of his last break-out hit that cast newer Republican candidates as superheroes coming to save the day. The newest installment focuses on the Georgia Senate run-off race, where the fate of the U.S. Senate is in jeopardy.

While I enjoyed the first one, the second one rings a little off-the-mark to me. I’m not sure if these very expensive and highly-produced mini-movies are a winning strategy for the long term. One of the first thoughts I had watching it was, “Does this guy ever work, or is he shooting commercials all day?” That’s probably not the response he was going for. But what do I know? The only thing that matters is what the voters in Georgia think about it and whether it motivates them to go vote to save the Senate (if voting really matters anymore).

I have differed from most of my colleagues on the Georgia run-off issue. I fail to see the point in voting in a system as compromised as ours is. If we believe the election was stolen, then why would voting make any difference in Georgia, a state that we believe was severely compromised? Will Republican poll watchers just watch more closely as Democrats steal the January election?

It’s going to take more than a shiny movie trailer “rah-rah” commercial to get me jazzed up to play in a shady political system I don’t trust. Maybe Crenshaw could spend less effort on commercials and auditioning for Hollywood and more on rooting out and ending election fraud. Does he want to be a lawmaker or an actor? At this point, I can’t tell. How many takes did that jump scene require? How many hours were spent on this that could have been spent on investigating Georgia’s election system? If Crenshaw and his fellow Republicans really want to be superheroes they need to do a lot more than play the part in highly-produced commercials.

The first thing to do is pick better candidates to run for office. Kelly Loeffler doesn’t inspire confidence after getting caught up in a stock scandal where it appeared several elected officials made major money trading healthcare stocks after they were informed of the coronavirus pandemic. The DOJ stopped investigating Loeffler and others and that’s supposed to make me think there’s no fire where the smoke was. Unfortunately, I’ve lost all confidence in the DOJ as the administrator of justice. Just because the DOJ says there’s no crime doesn’t mean there isn’t one. It could just mean the subject of the investigation is richer and more powerful than you. The truth is, we’ll never know what the truth is. Never forget the DOJ hasn’t done a damn thing to bring any of the Spygate characters, who clearly falsified FISA warrants in order to spy on an American citizen, Carter Page, to justice. Do we really believe they care about justice? Ha!

I give this commercial a C-. The only reason it didn’t get a D was that the antifa characters made me laugh once.

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