WATCH: 'F*ck Joe Biden' Chant Rings Out at Wisconsin-Notre Dame Game

WATCH: 'F*ck Joe Biden' Chant Rings Out at Wisconsin-Notre
Dame Game 1

For the fourth week in a row, college football fans spontaneously broke out in a chant of “F*ck Joe Biden,” this time at the Wisconsin/Notre Dame game at Chicago’s Soldier Field.

A few years ago, the Wisconsin Badgers and Notre Dame Fighting Irish agreed to face each other for the first time in 55 years. And the agreement called for the teams to play at a neutral site. The first was supposed to be at the Green Bay Packers’ Lambeau Field (scotched because of the coronavirus scare), but this weekend they met at Chicago’s Soldier Field, home of the Chicago Bears.

While the rivalry on the field was palpable, the fans in the stands found another target to taunt; Joe Biden.


The Badgers lost to the Fighting Irish 41-13, but Joe Biden also apparently lost this weekend.

After four weeks of the chant, it seems that this hate for Biden is here for the long run.

The chants have been heard nearly every weekend since college football began.

To name just a few, it rang out at the first Coastal Carolina game of the year:

Also an early Virginia Tech game:

At an Auburn game:

Heck, it even rose from the crowd at the Evander Holyfield vs. Vítor Vieira Belfort fight:

This is not a trend that is going away soon.

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