Watch: FNC's Vittert, Trump Campaign’s Perrine Battle over Election Results

Watch: FNC's Vittert, Trump Campaign’s Perrine Battle over
Election Results 1

Fox News Channel’s Leland Vittert had a tense exchange with a Trump campaigns spokesperson Erin Perrine on Saturday.

Things got heated when, Vittert asked, “Where are the votes to pull ahead?”

Perrine said, “Keep smirking, making your faces and rolling your eyes, Leland. I get it. I get it. You guys spent years trying to run up the Russia hoax against the president and trying to say this is over, and the hypocrisy continues.”

She added, “You guys keep calling Biden president-elect. It sounds like you guys are certainly saying it’s over.”

Vittert said, “I don’t know who ‘you guys’ are.”

He continued, “I’m trying to ask you, very simply, where are you going to find the votes? You say you want to count every vote conceivably because you think you’re going to pull ahead. Where are the votes in a path to 270? Where?”

Perrine said, “We are taking every legal avenue that exists in these states to make sure that legal votes are counted, and illegal votes are counted.”

She added, “For every Democrat and every talking head on the news, how much fraud is OK? How many dead people can vote, and you’re OK with that?”

Vittert said, “So now you just attack everybody if they don’t agree with you? Not much else to say. Erin, we understand where you want to go with this. Thank you, we appreciate your time.”

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