Watch: Hundreds of Activists Gather for 'Stop the Steal' Rally in Georgia

Watch: Hundreds of Activists Gather for 'Stop the Steal'
Rally in Georgia 1

Activists have gathered in Atlanta, Georgia, for a “Stop the Steal” rally in support of President Trump and his efforts to ensure election integrity after Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) certified the Peach State’s election results.

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Hundreds gathered at the rally at the Georgia State Capitol for a “Stop the Steal” rally featuring high-profile attendees, including State Representative Vernon Jones (R), Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin, and the #WalkAway movement’s Brandon Straka.

Videos show the crowd of supporters demanding action, shouting “stop the steal,” “special session,” and “hold the line”:

Counter-protesters have also gathered in the area, according to footage from Brendan Gutenschwager. Police are reportedly on the scene:

Rallygoers also shouted “CNN sucks!” outside the organization’s headquarters:

The rally follows Raffensperger’s decision to certify the state’s election results, which showed Biden leading the president by fewer than 12,700 votes. Trump’s campaign has publicly dismissed the recount efforts in the Peach State, particularly highlighting their concerns over signature matching.

“The recount being done in Georgia will tell us nothing because these fraudulent ballots will just be counted again because they wouldn’t provide the signatures to match the ballots. So, it means nothing,” Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani said during a Thursday press conference.

“Almost ZERO ballots rejected in Georgia this election. In years past, close to 4%. Not possible. Must have signature check on envelopes now. Very easy to do. Dems fighting because they got caught. Far more votes than needed for flip. Republicans must get tough!” President Trump said in a Thursday tweet, tagging Gov. Brian Kemp (R):

The president urged supporters to “stay tuned” on Saturday morning, teasing “big voter fraud information coming out concerning Georgia”:

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