Watch: Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel Speaks at 'Witches Against Patriarchy' Protest

Watch: Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel Speaks at
'Witches Against Patriarchy' Protest 1

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel (D) proclaimed to a “Michigan Witches Against Patriarchy” protest Wednesday that she is not a witch.

During her remarks, Nessel lifted statements made by 2010 Delaware U.S. Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell in which she told voters at the time, “I’m not a witch. I’m nothing you’ve heard. I’m you.”

“This is a speech I never thought I would be giving,” Nessel told about three-dozen protesters, according to the Detroit News.

“Hello, I am Dana Nessel and I am not a witch. I’m nothing like you’ve heard. I’m you. And just like you, I’ve had to constantly deny that I am not a witch,” she said.

“Is this not what the people of Michigan deserve: an attorney general that promises first and foremost that she’s not a witch? That’s the kind of attorney general Michigan hasn’t had since 1692,” Nessel continued as the tiny crowd roared in approval.

“And that’s why, if re-elected to the human A.G.’s office, I promise to fly straight to the Williams Building, ha ha, on a plane,” she continued, referring to the location that houses the attorney general’s office.

She wondered, if she was a witch, why she would not just cast a spell “making all of you forget that I’m a witch.”

After laughing about not lacking “a sufficient number of newts,” she claimed she moved from Michigan “from the Black Forests of Germany almost 3,000 years ago.”

Nessel concluded, “So next year, in 2022, reelect me and those other witches from Michigan. Because we’re not witches, but if we are, do you really want to cross us?”

The “Witches Against Patriarchy” protest was held after Michigan Republican Party Chairman Ron Weiser recently referred to Nessel, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D), and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson (D) as “those three witches.” He later apologized.

A woman dressed in a witches outfit held a sign reading, “Eye of Newt, Leg of Turkey, Put a Hex on Mike Shirkey,” referring to the state Senate Majority Leader.

In October 2020, the attorney general dressed as a ghoul to promote voting in the November election:

“I love everything about Halloween, but you know what’s scarier than Halloween? People not voting,” Nessel said, attempting sincerity while wearing skeleton gloves over creepy music.

“So get your absentee ballot, vote, and drop it off at your local clerk’s office or their official drop box because there’s nothing more terrifying than missing out on your chance to participate in democracy,” she said.

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