Watch: Michigan business owner interrupts newscast, says he is fighting Gov. Whitmer’s tyranny

Watch: Michigan business owner interrupts newscast, says he
is fighting Gov. Whitmer’s tyranny 1

LANSING, MI – A business owner in
interrupted a local newscast to denounce Gov. Gretchen
Whitmer’s lockdown orders, saying it had come down to either not
being able to pay bills or defying orders and risk going to

Democrat Whitmer has issued several lockdown orders since March
of this year, all allegedly designed to slow down the spread of the
COVID virus.�

While some of her orders have been shot down by the State
Supreme Court, others have been allowed to move forward, crippling
the finances of small business owners.

In explaining why he chose to interrupt the newscast, Dave
Morris said he believes that the latest round of COVID closures on
Whitmer’s executive orders are nothing more than her being a

He also alleged that money from the federal program created to
help small businesses stay in operation amid lockdown was spent on
“special interest and campaign donors†instead of where it was
supposed to go.

Morris, frustrated and angry, told a local news reporter:

“They [Whitmer and state government] abandoned me, and
they put me in a position where I have to fight back,

Morris, who owns D&R’s Daily Grind Café in Portage,
Michigan, felt that he was forced against Whitmer’s orders to
reopen his business in order to pay his bills. The Whitmer
administration’s health orders ban indoor dining in any form for
several weeks.

COVID-1984. 🢠State
bureaucrats punish businesses for staying open to serve their
customers and keep employees working instead of complying with
arbitrary & capricious MDHHS orders. Time to ðŸ”Michigan‼ï¸

— Rich Studley (@rstudley)
December 3, 2020

received a warning from Kalamazoo County on December 1st
that his business was in violation and that it needed to close in
order to conform to the Whitmer administration’s rules. 

The county advised Morris that if he did not comply, he and his
business may be subject to fines from the Michigan Department of
Health and Human Services.  He could also face fines from the
Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration. 

Paul Maloney – a federal
judge who hates freedom, capitalism, and small businesses. Reason:
not enough evidence provided to warrant an injunction.

Really? Last I checked a business has to be open to make income
to pay bills and employees. What a joker

— PyrØ (@pyr0lyZer)
December 2, 2020

The reporter asked Morris if he felt that he was doing the right
thing by reopening up and remaining in business during the
lockdown.  Morris stated that he believed that he was.  He

“I feel everybody needs to stand up.  You could’ve
given me money and I’d gladly walk away for 60 days and let this
virus settle down.  I’m not going to do it alone,

Morris told the reporter, that, despite the rules, he intended
to keep his business open during the lockdown so that he can pay
his bills and give his employees an opportunity to pay theirs. 

He said that he intended to file a lawsuit against the state
over the lockdown order that has prevented him from legally

Reporters of MLive asked if he had a message for other business
owners in similar situations.  Morris said:

“This isn’t an order, this is a conspiracy.  This is
a tyranny.  Wake up America.  Stand up.  This is America.  Be

An angry business owner
interrupted me moments before my live hit. He wanted to express his
anger about Michigan’s current covid-19 restrictions. So, ok kool
you can express your anger, just know I’m asking hard questions
in return.💪ðŸ¾Journalism 101 always be ready!

— Tarvarious Haywood (@TarvariousWWMT)
December 3, 2020

Those who own businesses in Michigan have been largely standing
against Whitmer and her administration’s rules when it comes to
the lockdown. 

They rightly say that if they close, they may well lose
everything as a result of lost revenue, and in turn, their
employees may lose everything as a result of not getting paid. 

Mitch Spangler, owner of Spangler’s Family Restaurant, also
decided to open up during the lockdown in order to pay his bills. 
Spangler said that being open during the lockdown was as simple as
either staying in business or going bankrupt.  He said:

“It’s not a statement that I’m principally defying
the governor.  I disagree with the orders, but my motivation is out
of survival for my family and employees. 

My belief is the people who need to protect themselves
should not come to a restaurant, and the people who feel
comfortable in precautions and exercising their right to do what
they feel they need to do, should.

“It’s a 50-50 way, I need to survive and I feel that
if people take care of themselves, and the ones that don’t need
to be here shouldn’t be here.  It’s a wash.â€

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It’s spreading: Northern Michigan County throws support behind
impeachment of Governor Whitmer

November 27, 2020

KALKASKA COUNTY, MI – Democratic Michigan
Gov. Gretchen Whitmer angered Republican leaders over her lockdowns
for the state over the pandemic. They recently started a push to
have her impeached, and now, a northern Michigan County has put
their support behind an

JUST IN: Michigan Republicans
file articles of impeachment against Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

— The Washington Times (@WashTimes)
November 19, 2020

County officials with Kalkaska County in Michigan recently
announced their support for Republican-led inquiries into
Whitmer’s actions during the pandemic. The decision to move
forward with an impeachment inquiry was announced after county
commissioners approved of the investigation by a 4-2 vote.

reported that Kalkaska County Commissioner David Comai,
in speaking as to why the measure passed in his county, said:

“Unconstitutional executive orders, let me make that
very clear, the executive orders issued by Governor Whitmer are the
primary cause of the economic crisis Kalkaska County is

A day after Senate Majority
Leader Mike Shirkey and House Speaker Lee Chatfield both said they
don’t support the effort, Republican Reps. Beau LaFave, Matt
Maddock and Daire Rendon have introduced an impeachment resolution
against Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

— Jonathan Oosting (@jonathanoosting)
November 18, 2020

Now that the measure has passed in Kalkaska County, it will be
sent to the legislature where it most likely will not be heard
until the start of the new year. Republican House Speaker Lee
Chatfield, according to ABC 4, disagrees with the move and believes
that an effort to impeach Whitmer would be no different than the
Democrat’s impeachment of President Donald Trump earlier in the

The move to impeach Whitmer over her pandemic restrictions was
started by state Republican Rep. Matt Maddock, which was announced
on November 15th. In a tweet, Maddock said:

“Today, myself and a growing list of Michigan
legislators have decided @GovWhitmer has crossed the line and will
be calling for #ImpeachWhitmer hearings. The list of violations is
long and the call is overdue.â€

Today, myself and a growing
list of Michigan Legislators have decided that @GovWhitmer
has crossed the line and will be calling for
hearings. The list of violations is long and
the call is overdue


— Matt Maddock (@matthewmaddock)
November 16, 2020

The issue behind the move to impeach Whitmer stems from
Republican complaints in the lockdowns of the state and their,
alleged, lack of input on the restrictions. Republican leader
arguments may have some credibility after they won a case against
Whitmer in Michigan Supreme Court.

When the case was heard in October, the Michigan Supreme Court
agreed with Republican leaders that Whitmer overstepped her bounds
and stripped away several of her emergency powers.

Whitmer had been relying on the Emergency Powers of the Governor
Act from 1945 to enact the measures which was ultimately ruled
unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. This decision, in essence,
nullified several of Whitmer’s restrictions that were in effect
when the ruling was made.

Republicans are hoping that this court ruling will aid in the
endeavor to remove Whitmer from office. However, in order to remove
her from office, they have to prosecute the case using the same
process as removing the president of the United States.

In the state of Michigan, the House of Representatives initiates
the impeachment. In order for it to proceed, it has to receive a
majority vote. Republicans may well have enough votes to get the
measure approved in the house as Republicans will have a 58-52

at the start of the new year.

Michigan County Commission
Backs Gretchen Whitmer Impeachment Effort

— Kathy Lonon, #NotMyPedophile (@LononKathy)
November 26, 2020

If a majority votes to move forward on impeachment, three
representatives would be appointed to prosecute the impeachment
case in front of the State Senate. Of course, Whitmer would be able
to have her representatives act in her defense during the

In order for Whitmer to be removed,  two-thirds of the state
senators would have to vote to remove her from office. That is
where the Republican’s case may well stall, considering they have
only a 22-16 majority in the chamber.

That means that four Democrats would have to side with
Republican lawmakers and convict her in order for Whitmer to be
removed, which seems unlikely.

In response to the impeachment effort, a representative of
Whitmer’s, said:

“Governor Whitmer doesn’t have any time for partisan
politics or people who don’t wear masks, don’t believe in
science, and don’t have a plan to fight this virus. Right now,
she is focused on saving lives.â€


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Watch: Michigan business owner interrupts newscast, says he is
fighting Gov. Whitmer’s tyranny
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