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WATCH: MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell Releases ‘Absolute Proof’ Documentary Alleging Widespread Voter Fraud in 2020

WATCH: MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell Releases ‘Absolute Proof’
Documentary Alleging Widespread Voter Fraud in 2020 1

Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow who became a staunch ally of President Donald Trump throughout his first term as president, released a two hour documentary titled “Absolute Proof” that claims to show detailed evidence of the widespread voter fraud that occurred during the 2020 election, specifically that which occurred in the form of rigged voting machines.

“As you all know, I have been attacked the last month, relentlessly, on social media, by newspapers, by TV shows, you name it, I’ve been attacked,” said Lindell. “Before I was going to get erased completely, we put together this show, and what you’re going to see today is what they don’t want you to see, it’s why they’re trying to erase me.”

“What I’ve told everyone out there is, you know what, I’ve seen evidence,” he continued. “I go all in with everything I had, resources, anything I had,” said Lindell, “to have my own investigation.”

The documentary is not available on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or other Big Tech platforms that are now banning virtually all discussion of the credible evidence of widespread fraud that plagued the 2020 election.

“Absolute Proof” is available on Gab TV here:

National File understands that the massive demand for the video may be causing issues with playback for some users.

At press time, it has received over 300,000 views on Gab TV, becoming one of its most viewed videos.

“Absolute Proof” is also available on Rumble, a YouTube competitor, here:

The film is also available on Lindell’s personal website, MichaelJLindell.com.

Lindell recently caused a Newsmax TV host to dramatically walk off set when he refused to stop recounting evidence of widespread voter fraud. The Newsmax host later acknowledged he could have handled the segment better.

Both Lindell’s personal Twitter account and the corporate MyPillow account were banned from Twitter for discussing voter fraud.

Lindell has been threatened with massive legal action by Dominion Voting Systems.

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Election Fraud
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