Wendy Rogers, 21 Arizona Legislators Send Letter Calling For State School Boards To End Affiliation With NSBA

Wendy Rogers, 21 Arizona Legislators Send Letter Calling For
State School Boards To End Affiliation With NSBA 1

Arizona state Sen. Wendy Rogers and other elected officials called for the Arizona School Boards Association to withdraw from the embattled National School Boards Association made infamous after it sent a letter to Joe Biden calling on the federal government to investigate upset parents for terrorism using the PATRIOT Act.

“As you are probably aware, the National School Boards Association (NSBA) sent a letter to President Joe Biden in late September 2021,” the legislators began in their letter.

This letter infamously described parents confronting local school boards over Critical Race Theory, explicit LGBT pornography being provided to students asteaching materials, transgender bathroom policies leading to a high school student being raped in Virginia, as terrorists. According to the NSBA in its letter, which it has since apologized for, these parents should be investigated using the PATRIOT Act.

“The NSBA is out of touch with the concerns of state and local school board officials and the principle of local control,” wrote Rogers and the legislators. “Now is the time for courage,” they added before noting that MIssouri, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Louisiana school board associations have already withdrawn from the NSBA.

“The ASBA should immediately withdraw from the NSBA,” wrote Rogers. “It cannot be allowed to speak for Arizona. We encourage ASBA to make this decision quickly.” Among the signatories are firebrand Arizona Republicans including state Sens. Warren Peterson, Kelly Townsend, and state Rep. Mark Finchem, who is currently running to become the state’s next Attorney General.

Democrats at the state and federal level have largely sided with the NSBA on the issue, with the Biden regime weaponizing the FBI as the NSBA requested. However, the issue has become extremely unpopular with voters.

Across the country in Virginia, many believe Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin’s final campaign surge is tied directly to the issue of public schools. While Democrat opponent Terry McAuliffe said parents should have no control of education, Youngkin has campaigned for an end to critical race theory and a return to local control.

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