What Is Going On? Another Memory Card Found With Trump Votes

What Is Going On? Another Memory Card Found With Trump
Votes 1

A second memory card with 2,755 votes for Donald Trump has been
found in Georgia during an election audit, decreasing Joe Biden’s
lead once again. The newfound ballots�decrease Biden’s statewide
lead over President Trump by 449, leaving the margin at just 12,929

Voter fraud is apparent despite the mainstream media’s
desperate attempt to tell the public that it is “baseless.† At
this point, even liberals should be able to tell that the media’s
declaration of Biden as the winner was done prematurely at

New: a memory card was found
during the audit in Fayette county with 2,755 votes. Decreased
Biden statewide lead by 449. New margin total statewide in GA is a
12,929 lead for Biden

— Justin Gray (@JustinGrayWSB)
November 17, 2020

As we have mentioned before on this site, do not be surprised if
this swings the other way and Trump comes out the winner.  If Trump
is correct that this election will be decided by the Supreme Court,
he’s also going to win that decision.
This contested election was preplanned and a reversal to Trump will
cause chaos
as liberals loot, riot, and burn entire cities to
the ground.  If this is reversed, the media should be held
accountable for calling this for Biden before all allegations of
fraud and the lawsuits were worked out.

More Preplanned Election Chaos: Trump Says The Supreme Court Will
“Sort Out†The Election

Trump Vows To Take Election Decision To The Supreme Court

The news of another memory card comes only one day
after 2,600
uncounted ballots
were found on another memory card in Floyd
County, Georgia. Most of those votes were cast for President Trump.
According to county election officials, “human error†is to
blame in Floyd County. “It’s not an equipment issue. It’s a
person not executing their job properly,†said Gabriel Sterling,
the state’s voting system manager. “This is the kind of
situation that requires a change at the top of their management

Sterling referred to the 1st memory card as an “amazing
blunder†after which Floyd County Board of Elections director,
Robert Brady, was asked to step down following the “human
error†which was discovered on Sunday.

Oddly enough, now we’ve got two “amazing blunders†in a
state currently under heavy scrutiny over allegations of election
fraud and misconduct.
What else will be discovered this week?

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What Is Going On? Another Memory Card Found With Trump Votes

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