Why Has Wisconsin Done Nothing With the 200,000 Ballots Its Supreme Court Claimed Were Likely Invalid In the 2020 Election?

Why Has Wisconsin Done Nothing With the 200,000 Ballots Its
Supreme Court Claimed Were Likely Invalid In the 2020
Election? 1

There were numerous corrupt activities that took place in Wisconsin in the 2020 election, many which were never addressed.  But the Wisconsin Supreme Court did rule on 200,000 ballots which were invalid but no one in the state has ever addressed these ballots to determine the accurate final count in the state.  Why?

We will never have a free and fair election again if we don’t stand up and demand truth and integrity in our elections.  This starts with the 2020 election, not elections into the future.  How do you know what to fix when you don’t know what was broken and how badly it was broken?

Wisconsin was the target of corrupt attorneys and politicians who knew they needed to steal the state in order to win the election for low energy and senile Joe Biden.  So they conjured up activities like adding ballot drop boxes around the state.  These boxes were illegitimate because they never were approved through the Wisconsin legislature but that didn’t stop the state from using them.  This issue has never been properly settled

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There were many problems with drop boxes. Proper chain of custody and dual controls to prevent fraud were missing. Who was picking up the ballots at these boxes? Were they keeping lists of the ballots picked up and were there members of both parties present to prevent fraud from occurring. Ultimately the entire drop box mess was a disaster because it wasn’t constitutional in the first place.

Another major issue revolved around ‘indefinitely confined’ individuals.  This classification of voter was intended for those who were unable to easily vote due to serious conditions preventing them (e.g. individuals with serious handicaps).  For these individuals the requirement of a valid photo identification is waived.

The Supreme Court in Wisconsin ruled that COVID was not a condition that would entitle someone to the indefinitely confined status.  They stated that not all voters with this status could be thrown out but that the state had to determine on a one by one basis of the over 200,000 voters with this status, who was actually indefinitely confined and who was not.

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Unfortunately, nothing has been done to date to review and validate these voters. 

Ultimately the fault of having done nothing to address these cases lands with the legislature who oversees elections in the state.  But much of their work is given to the Wisconsin Election Commission.  If you look at the Election Commission website there is nothing noted related to these ballots or any status of review.  Nothing.

The questions all of America and all of Wisconsin should be asking is why not?  Why are those elected officials and others in the position to address this fraud not doing anything?  The people of Wisconsin and America want to know what is the final accurate vote count in the state.  But for some reason those in power have moved on, not Americans, just those in power.

The next logical question to be answered is why has nothing been done and why is the Wisconsin Election Commission still in existence with all the fraud in the state that it allowed to be embedded in the state’s certified results?

The politicians and people in power don’t yet fully appreciate it yet but the majority of Americans, those who voted for President Trump, want to get to the bottom of what happened in 2020, what was the true and accurate result and then what can be done to ensure free and fair elections are in place for the future.

Americans in no way support cheaters and liars and coverups.  Americans want action.   The politicians and the Wisconsin Election Commission are failing their people and all of America in not addressing the correct status of cases brought before their Supreme Court.

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