Why I’m Choosing to Look Favorably on the 2020 Election Results

Why I’m Choosing to Look Favorably on the 2020 Election
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It’s hard for me to watch people celebrate any politician. I
cringe seeing people act like they have elected a savior– or
honestly even believing they are putting a decent human being in
office. I can’t root for a team because I see politics itself as
so absurdly flawed.

But I understand that my extreme skepticism of government is
sadly outside the mainstream.

So naturally I am�tempted to become cynical and criticize anyone
for believing in a politician– which is just going to get me
accused of supporting “the other side†and make people tune me

So I am choosing to view the latest election results, and
celebrations, in a different way.

I really find it hard to believe that many people voted for
kid-sniffing Biden, and cop-Harris.

They voted against Trump because they saw him as authoritarian,
and did not like the government having that much or that kind of

This is the rejection of authoritarianism. Now hear me out,
because I am quite aware the new President and Vice President are
just as authoritarian, if not more authoritarian than all the other
Presidents of the last few decades.

Let’s ignore for a moment whether voters are right or wrong,
and consider the possibility that Americans seem to at least think
they have embraced anti-authoritarianism.

In fact the races in Congress, Senate, and the State Houses show
exactly that– a rejection of Socialism, and the desire to return
to a more moderate, temperate, kind of evil.

If Trump was perceived as the most power-hungry figure, the most
likely to become Hitler (see my recent video) with the biggest cult
of personality, then you can be encouraged by what the voters

Remember, you have almost no actual control over who gets
elected, nor over what these politicians do once in office

Simply being the opposition to the new figureheads won’t
produce results.

But we can use the principles of judo to understand how to
effectively market to the people who believe they just rejected

Judo uses the momentum of the opponent to direct their energy
into your own move, and make them go where you want.

So rather than saying, “You idiots just elected someone even
worse than the last guy!†it seems like it will be more effective
to say, “I’m so glad everyone realized the President had too
much power. I’m so happy people want more control over their own
lives. Here’s how you can do that, and minimize the impact of
those rogue, terrible politicians.â€

Honestly this might be the best bet for actually removing the
influence of government on our lives.

But not through government or elections.

The trick is providing an alternative outlet for this energy. A
product that someone removes the influence of government, and
provides an alternative– I’m thinking something like Special
Economic Zones that can set their own rules, or mutual aide society
types of organizations.

But in order to capitalize on any rejection of authoritarianism,
that energy has to be channeled into something productive and
worthwhile– not elections or government policy making.

Don’t forget, the powers that be shoehorn us into these two
terrible camps, as if the voters believed in these politicians, or
even the system. They have been tricked into thinking this is the
only way to run a society.

And still over 1/3 of eligible voters don’t vote, but who can
blame them?

Rejecting socialism, ending fascism, fighting back against
tyranny and authoritarianism was not in fact on the ballot in any
meaningful way.

And yet based on the attitudes I’ve seen, it seems that given
the option, the American people would be as “American†as

“The soul of America†people say, and my eyes immediately
want to roll, it’s an involuntary response, I can’t help

There really is no one cohesive American culture, and there
never has been– see my video on the 11 rivals nations that have
been fighting for power over DC since day one, and continue to do

But if this “fight for the Soul of America,†was about
removing Trump’s control over your life, rejecting strongmen
leaders, favoring independence, freedom, personal liberty, the
rights of each and every one of us, then I am down for it.

I think that is still a message that could resonate with people,
if properly framed and directed– for tips on that you’ll want
to turn to my video on the father of the modern elite, Edward

But the truth is, when it comes to voters or consumers, 90% of
people don’t really care, have no convictions, no real direction
or beliefs– they are blank slates to be marketed onto.

Say, 8% do have strong convictions and opinions of every kind,
and it is from among that group that control of the national
narrative emerges.

And about 2% are perhaps something like you and me. People who
cast votes for the libertarian, or the portion of people who are
specifically against voting. People who would rather be left alone,
who understand philosophical roots of individual liberty, who have
a live and let live mentality, and just try to go through life,
doing their own thing in a positive way.

That’s all we need. because that means there are over six
million more Americans, and probably 140 million other people on
earth that are part of our broad tribe. We don’t need a majority
or even a plurality.

Really, all we need is a small group of likeminded people who
are the true producers and builders in the world, and to shrug off
the rest.

So you don’t have to be part of the “totally lost faithâ€
folks, and you can ignore the “with us or against us†crowd and
the ones who are creating enemies lists for their “truth and

They are the minority. Vocal yes, but not the “soul of

Now don’t get me wrong, Socialism is a bigger threat than
ever. The worst thing that could happen is people are lulled into a
false sense of security by this election, and stop paying

Attention to what actually matters… which Trump actually
distracted from. There were plenty of real terrible things Trump
did that deserved criticism, but we couldn’t get a word in
edge-wise because people were busy criticizing him for the latest
tweet– not the $6 trillion the “conservative†government

So here’s the deal, from an anarchist convinced that the
government is inherently illegitimate, to all the normies who think
politics is worth a bag of beans.

Continue to reject authoritarianism in any form.

Trump was obvious, he wore it on his sleeve, he didn’t hide
it, and he did us a service in that way. He showed us all the
dangers of a strong, powerful, centralized state in the wrong

Don’t let the more seasoned professional con artist
politicians fool you. Do not let them exert power in the name of
rejecting Trumpism.

Reject it all. Reject anyone that would try to control you, your
family, your community, without your consent. And no, 50.0001% does
not mean the other 49.9% consented.

It’s live and let live, the golden rule, karma, the basis of
every major religion, and every decent moral dogma. Do unto others,
first do no harm, do not force others if you would not want to be

If people somehow accept an authoritarian who simply doesn’t
sound and act like Trump, they have rejected nothing about Trump,
and simply replaced him with someone more palatable to their
personal favorite type of oppression.

Anyway, I try to not give the government more credence than it
deserves. I still don’t think it can keep me from being free, as
I argue in my video on “traps†that keep us unfree.

But I do still think there is plenty of hope for the bottom
line– there is a way to use this general feeling that centralized
powerful control over your life is not a good
thing for individuals or society.

And that is the positive I am going to take away from this

Why I’m Choosing to Look Favorably on the 2020 Election
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I’m Choosing to Look Favorably on the 2020 Election Results

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