Wisc. Court Orders GOP Lawmakers to Hand Over Records of Election Probe

Wisc. Court Orders GOP Lawmakers to Hand Over Records of
Election Probe 1

A Wisconsin court ordered state Assembly Speaker Robin Vos to disclose records related to his promised investigation into the 2020 presidential election this week.

Vos launched the investigation earlier this summer, signing subpoenas to compel testimony from top election clerks and mayors in Wisconsin’s largest cities.

But in a reversal last Thursday, one of the attorneys working on the investigation said no one would be called in to testify just yet.

In response, government watchdog group American Oversight sued Vos and Assembly Chief Clerk Ted Blazel for refusing to hand over any of the records from the investigation.

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“Wisconsin has a right to know how this taxpayer-funded investigation is being orchestrated,” said Austin Evers, executive director of American Oversight.

Judge Valerie Bailey–Rihn of the Dane County Circuit Court agreed and ordered the lawmakers to comply with the open records requests “immediately” or “show cause to the contrary” at a follow-up hearing on Nov. 5.

Wisconsin Democrats have tried to shut down Vos’s investigation, claiming it lacks credibility.

On Monday, Democratic Attorney General Josh Kaul claimed the attorneys conducting the investigation lack necessary experience.

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Democratic Gov. Tony Evers also blasted the investigation as a “boondoggle.”

Michael Gableman, one of the attorneys conducting the investigation and a former Wisconsin Supreme Court justice, Evers’s comments were “misguided.”

“I would like to ask Tony Evers how is it a boondoggle for the people of Wisconsin to find out if their elections were run fairly?” Gableman said. “What’s the alternative? The alternative is looking the other way.”

Vos also blasted Kaul and Evers, accusing them of trying to interfere with a lawful process.

“Election integrity should be a bipartisan effort,” Vos said. “Sadly, Attorney General Kaul has sided with the out-of-state billionaires meddling in our elections and ignored Wisconsin citizens who bring up irregularities.”

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