Wisconsin Attorney: Evidence of 200,000 Votes Illegally Counted

Wisconsin Attorney: Evidence of 200,000 Votes Illegally
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At a Senate hearing, Trump’s team raised allegations of hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots in Wisconsin.

The margin between Trump and Biden in Wisconsin is around 20,000 votes, but Trump’s lead attorney in the state says his team has evidence that around 200,000 votes were illegally counted. Some came from voters who claimed they were unable to go to the polls, saying they were “indefinitely confined.”

“Among those claiming this status is one of the electors for Joe Biden, who said, I can’t get to the polls. We have poll workers who claimed it. We have people who went to protest, people who had weddings, people who had vacations, all claimed this status, I can’t get to the polls. So they were able to vote without identification. There were 28,395 people we explicitly identified,” said James Troupis, lead attorney for Trump’s campaign in Wisconsin.

He says under Wisconsin law, voting in advance is not legal. But in one city, they were accepting ballots at least 5 weeks in advance.

“What did the city of Madison do? They created a system where people could arrive at a park, hand in their ballots in envelopes five weeks before the election. They also created boxes, no controls at all, just boxes on corners that you could throw the ballot in, no attempt at all. And our statutes explicitly say there are only two ways to submit an absentee ballot: in person or delivery to the clerk’s office. That’s it, nothing else is allowed,” said Troupis.

They identified 17,000 ballots that were illegally cast this way, and he says there’s likely more since the elections officials mixed all the ballots together afterward, making it hard to detect which ballots were cast in advance.

Troupis says there are other categories in which as many as 170,000 other ballots were submitted without any application at all.

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