Wisconsin Election Fraud: Evidence of Badger State Chicanery During America’s 2020 Presidential Election

Wisconsin Election Fraud: Evidence of Badger State Chicanery
During America’s 2020 Presidential Election 1

Regardless of where one falls politically, the sanctity of the vote is a bedrock of a functioning representative democracy. Voters have to believe their vote matters. And that the vote is free, fair, and accurate.

Below we explore the details and the data of what happened in the unassuming State of Wisconsin, nicknamed “The Badger State“, on Election Day. Elsewhere we explore similar efforts in the key swing states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia.

Voter Turnout in Wisconsin

The voter turnout in Wisconsin is one of the most damning pieces of evidence in the theft of the United States election. Turnout in Wisconsin for the Presidential election 2020 stood at a whopping 89 percent.

This is the kind of turnout generally enjoyed by dictators in one-party states. What’s more, it is fully five standard deviations from the norm, which is 66.8 percent. Put in real-life terms, it is more likely that the Higgs-Boson particle does not exist than it is that Wisconsin saw a random uptick of this magnitude in votes.

In each of the last three Presidential elections, turnout hovered around 70 percent in Wisconsin. A 90 percent turnout in Wisconsin would be the biggest turnout in American history.

Some will quickly counter that Wisconsin is a state with same-day voter registration — a practice that seems to open up the entire process to fraud in and of itself — and that this explains the spike in turnout. However, there is hard data to suggest that it is, to be generous about it, highly unlikely that there was this kind of a surge in voters through any legitimate means: The number of voters added on the day of the election to achieve this turnout would have to be a 30 percent increase in the total number of voters in the state in a single day.

When we drill down to the county level, Wisconsin seems to look even more as if it’s run by the Ba’ath Party. Some counties were topping 90 percent, while others reported more votes than they are registered voters in the area. Fully seven districts in Milwaukee alone reported higher turnout than registered voters.

The end result was that, at least according to official tallies, Joe Biden, a candidate largely regarded as bland and uninspiring even by his supporters, received more votes in the state than Barack Obama did during his landslide victory there in 2016.

Wisconsin Vote Dumps

One of the recurring themes in the theft of this election is the large number of votes found in the middle of the night, which all or nearly all conveniently go for Joe Biden. In many cases, these alleged “ballots” belong to people who were seemingly uninterested in any down ballot races, voting only for Joe Biden.

What’s more, they are often brought into polling stations while poll watchers have either gone home, were lied to about the end of counting, or were shooed away and told to take their troubles before a judge.

The thieves did not do the best job covering their tracks. One example of this is a number of “vertical line” vote dumps, where the vote tally increased dramatically for Biden, in a straight vertical line when plotted on a graph, with no additional vote increase for President Trump.

This is a common tactic in Third World elections where one party is attempting to nudge themselves over the line. The difference is that we in the United States are not used to, nor willing to submit to such practices.

This vertical line dump came all from Milwaukee, a city controlled by a local Democratic Party machine. Milwaukee was supposed to report all of its votes by 1 a.m., but then delayed this to 2 a.m., then 3 a.m., finally releasing this miraculous vote for Joe Biden at 3:30 a.m.

ZeroHedge has reported on these late-night voting dumps from a forensic accounting perspective. Indeed, there are a number of reasons that freedom-loving Americans should be concerned about the vote dumps, but a number of these reasons are quantifiable rather than just simply “weird.” For example, the late-night vote dumps which spiked Biden over the top were almost identical to the Trump leads, as if they were waiting for genuine vote counts to come in, then seasoning the vote with their fraudulent counts and ballots.

Another red flag is the violation of Benford’s Law. Several enterprising individuals have drilled into Biden’s vote totals using this technique, one which was used to catch Al Capone’s phony tax returns. It’s not numerology, in fact, it’s admissible in court. Put simply, many of the totals being reported for Biden are likely not accurate because they do not follow the pattern that “random” numbers do. A quick explanation of how this applies to election tallies can be found here.

What’s more, these massive vote dumps only took place in swing states and from areas controlled by the Democratic Party. The occurrence of digits on a ledger of any kind follows ironclad patterns. The votes for Trump conform to this pattern while the votes for Biden do not.

There is another significant anomaly in Wisconsin voting: There were 49,000 votes for a Republican in a down ballot state house race, none of whom voted for President Trump. At the same time, 64,000 votes for Biden were found that did not vote for a down ticket Democratic candidate. Nearly 15,000 people voted for Vice President Biden and no one else at all.

At least one of these dumps resulted in a massive discrepancy in Biden’s favor, but this didn’t stop the networks from calling the state for Biden before it had been corrected.

Indeed, with the national media refusing to call North Carolina or even Alaska for President Trump and having to reverse previous calls on Arizona, the degree to which the news media is assisting in this theft cannot be overstated.

Another “glitch” favored Biden to the tune of over 19,000 votes and might well change the outcome of the election there. Over 62,000 ballots were cast for Joe Biden and no one else in the state.

Who Watches the Poll Workers?

Because America is a representative democracy and not one of the banana variety, there are laws allowing for citizens to watch poll workers at work. This is to ensure a fair and accurate count and to prevent doubt about the outcome of the election when all is said and done. What’s more, campaigning and electioneering is forbidden in polling stations to the point where voters are barred from even wearing badges announcing their political loyalties. But in Wisconsin and other states, we saw flagrant violations of each of these laws.

One such example of chicanery in the counting was the deployment of the National Guard by the Democratic governor to “cure” absentee ballots. This is when absentee ballots are altered after the fact in an attempt to divine the “intent” of the voter. The case in Wisconsin is particularly egregious: the National Guard will assist in “fixing” ballots that were misprinted and attempt to figure out what the voter “thought” they were voting for at the time.

As with other states, there have been reports that poll watchers were either denied access entirely or forced to stand so far away that meaningful observation of the vote would have been impossible.

How You Can Fight Back Against This Theft

If the Democrats can steal this election it is not just the end of a republic in the United States, it is the end of many of the civil liberties that we take for granted. Under a Biden-Harris administration, with the House controlled by Nancy Pelosi and the Senate controlled by Chuck Schumer, there will be sweeping gun control and “hate speech” legislation that will make it increasingly difficult for liberty lovers to fight back ever again.

But the fight is not over. It has only just begun.

President Trump isn’t giving up and a significant number of Congressional Republicans have begun to fight alongside him. The Attorney General of Utah has gone as far as to take a personal leave of absence in order to help the President wage his war against vote fixing throughout the country.

But what can you, an ordinary citizen do? There is no need to take to the streets with pitchforks just yet. However, there are some meaningful steps you must take now to protect the integrity of America’s elections, no matter who you voted for.

First, call your elected representatives and email them. State firmly but politely that you want real answers about what they are doing to protect the integrity of the vote in your state. Do not accept boilerplate about how much they value democracy and want to see every vote counted. Ask them what specific actions are being taken to ensure the security of elections in your state — to ensure that every legal vote is counted, not every piece of paper that was handed in on election day. Make sure you call both your federal and state legislators, as well as the state Speaker of the House and Senate Majority Leader.

For those who are interested in getting in the street, check out Stop The Steal. This is an organized attempt by conservatives like Charlie Kirk, Jack Posobiec, Scott Pressler, CJ Pearson and others to get bodies in the streets, often outside of poll counting stations or the state house itself, to demand that we have free and fair elections in the United States. What’s more, a nationwide rally in DC called the Million MAGA March is scheduled for November 14.  The Democratic government of Washington, DC has responded with new COVID restrictions designed to cripple the march.

Wisconsin Election Fraud: Evidence of Badger State Chicanery During America’s 2020 Presidential Election by Ammo.com’s lead writer, Sam Jacobs, originally appeared in Thought Grenades, the blog on LibertasBella.com.


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