WISCONSIN JUDGE: ‘Our Court System Has Been Deeply Intimidated by the Left’

WISCONSIN JUDGE: ‘Our Court System Has Been Deeply
Intimidated by the Left’ 1

A former Wisconsin state judge, who is now representing the Trump campaign in litigation in that state, testified before Congress that justice is not being served because of high-pressure intimidation tactics at the hands of the radical ideological Left.

James Troupis said he believes intimidation applied by the radical Left has prevented lawyers and judges from accepting and hearing election fraud cases.

“We have to acknowledge that the court system has been deeply intimidated by the left, just as the lawyers have been intimidated,” Troupis told the Senate Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committee Wednesday. “And that’s a sad, sad state of affairs.”

Troupis was just one of the witnesses who appeared before the committee to testify on irregularities and fraud they witnessed in several locations during the November 3, 2020, General Election.

In explaining why he decided to represent the Trump campaign in their challenge to the election results, Troupis said he believes many upscale law firms refused to participate over to a fear of retaliation by those on the Left.

“One of the reasons I was called is because virtually every major law firm in this country and in this city refused to represent the President, Troupis said. “Not because of the lack of merit in his claims – we’ve certainly demonstrated that there’s merit – but because of the cancel culture.”

“Because of the environment that has been created by the Left that has intimidated lawyers so that they can’t be here, they’re not here. They’re not here from the giant law firms, precisely because they were ordered by their management committees and others that, ‘You cannot take those cases. The reasons you cannot take those cases is because our clients, or the Democrat Party, or the incoming administration, will remember that and they will hold it against you.’”

Troupis added, “As a former judge, I was so incensed by that.”

Other lawyers who have stood to represent the President and his campaign have said they have been unmercifully harassed and/or threatened after deciding to take up election cases.

Trump campaign senior legal adviser, Jenna Ellis, said she’s received “hundreds” of threats since taking up the election cases.

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