Wisconsin Law Enforcement Memorial ceremony honoring fallen officers disrupted by BLM protesters

Wisconsin Law Enforcement Memorial ceremony honoring fallen
officers disrupted by BLM protesters 1

MADISON, WI – The Wisconsin Law Enforcement Memorial ceremony to pay tribute to those officers who gave their lives upholding the law was interrupted by Black Lives Matter protesters shouting through a megaphone to disrupt the solemn service.

The protesters tried to drown out the honored speakers by shouting things like, “We have a right to protest” and “Black Lives Matter.”

Video of the ceremony showed attendees and speakers trying to ignore the disruption to continue the ceremony with the protesters’ shouts heard in the background.

A male protester could be heard in the background shouting as one speaker stepped away from the stage. The man shouted:

“This is a megaphone. By the way, this is not a gun, this is a megaphone.”

The protesters’ actions continued during a moment of silence in honor of the fallen officers, and the video camera turns to the man shouting at an official in the crowd.

“Can you show me how I am breaking the law by asking a question. How am I breaking the law by asking a question!”

The unidentified official appeared to be trying to get the protester to follow him away from the ceremony, but the protester became more upset:

“I decide to stand right here. I think this is a public place, I pay taxes. I get to stand here.”

The protester then set the megaphone on the ground and raised his hands over his head:

“Let me set this down before any assuming, firearm-carrying civilian decides to shoot me.”

The protester then stepped toward the official and shouted at him while rap music with lyrics like “f*** the police” was playing in the background:

“You’ve got tears coming out of my eyes. You know why? Because I have faith in people, and you’re totally disrupting my f**king balance right now. I’m begging you m*********ers to stop killing people that look like me.”

The protester was eventually led away by two uniformed officers.

Despite the protesters, the ceremony continued.

The ceremony on May 7 was held to honor those officers who have been killed in the line of duty. The pandemic prevented the ceremony from proceeding last year, so the officers added to the honor roll included 2020 and 2021.

In total, six officers’ names had to be added to the memorial located on Capitol Square in Madison. C.O.P.S. President Jo Ann Mignon said:

“For the 285 names on the wall, we tell them we will not forget you, we will never forget what you gave up for us and we will never forget everyone gathered here today.”

The officers included on the 2020 Honor Roll are:

  • Darlington Police Department Chief William McGinty, who died on May 25, 1933.
  • Pepin County Sheriff’s Office Traffic Officer Starre A. Miles, who died on Nov. 5, 1945.
  • Milwaukee Police Department Officer Matthew J. Rittner, who died Feb. 6, 2019.
  • Racine Police Department Officer John D. Hetland, who died June 17, 2019.

The officers included on the 2021 Honor Roll are:

  • Milwaukee Police Department Officer Mark S. Lentz, who died on Sept. 18, 2019.
  • Dane County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Richard Treadwell, who died on Aug. 22, 2020.

According to the Officer Down Memorial Page, Deputy Treadwell died after contracting COVID-19 in what is presumed to be an on-duty exposure.

Deputy Treadwell served with the Dane County Sheriff’s Office for 25 years and was assigned to the Dane County Law Enforcement Training Center. He is survived by his wife and three children.

Beginning in early 2020, thousands of law enforcement officers like Deputy Treadwell and other first responders throughout the country contracted COVID-19 during the pandemic due to the requirements of their job. Many of these first responders have died as a result of COVID-19 and continue to do so.

The Wisconsin ceremony was conducted in correlation with National Police Week.

In 1962, President John F. Kennedy proclaimed May 15 “National Peace Officer’s Memorial Day” and National Police Week as the calendar week which encompasses May 15. National Police Week 2021 is from May 9 until May 15.

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 Black Lives Matter supporters harass attendees at Wisconsin Children’s Christmas charity fundraiser

December 20, 2021

 WEST ALLIS, WI – The town of West Allis, Wisconsin created a tradition back in the 1980’s to decorate the area in Christmas Lights both in celebration for the holiday season, as well as to collect financial donations for a child in the area who has been diagnosed with cancer. 

The event, called Candy Cane Lane, has been held every year since it started, without issue…until this year, when members of Black Lives Matter decided to harass those that were at the event.

The group that decided to harass visitors at the event has been identified as “The People’s Revolution.”  This group is, according to Breitbart News, affiliated with Black Lives Matter. 

The group of malcontents marched through the streets of Candy Cane Lane and harassed all of those who dared to come partake in the holiday festivities and donate money to fight childhood cancer.

People who witnessed the group, turned to Facebook to complain that members of BLM were blocking traffic and were cussing at people along the route. 

Videos on other social media accounts, like Twitter, show some of the people shouting, “Black Lives Matter,” and there was a man dressed up as Santa Claus with them. 

One man who lives along the route that BLM traveled, posted his disgust at what he observed. 

He said:

“So my son and I were playing in the living room and we heard very loud music and people chanting from the outside. We open up the front door to see what all the commotion was about. 

“It was a ‘Black Lives Matter’ march going up and down my block and through candy cane lane.

“These people saw my ‘Back the Badge’ sign and ‘Trump 2020’ sign and began to shout at us. They began to give us the middle finger and shouted, ‘[Expletive] you [expletive] the police [expletive] Trump!’  Uhm really?

“I am holding my ONE year old son in my arms. Glad to see how ‘peaceful’ and ‘respectful’ these people and protests really are lol. What a bunch of pieces of shit.”

Another person, named Mariah Smith, shared a live stream of the chaos caused by Black Lives Matter. Written on the post was:

“It was a week before Christmas, and all through the streets…TPR family as loud as can be. 

“Waking up each block with holiday cheer, screaming “NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE,” until all around hear. 

“Giving the gifts of our demands for Black and Brown lives, yet many around us would spread them lies. 

“Santa has his list, the naughty and the nice, will our houses get skipped these following nights?”

Wisconsin Right Now spoke to the West Allis Police Department regarding the complaint. 

A spokesperson said:

“Last evening, starting at about 6:40 pm, we received a handful of calls of a protest group moving through Candy Cane Lane. The callers indicated that the group was causing traffic congestion and noise disturbances. 

“West Allis officers responded to the area and monitored the situation. There was heavy traffic congestion related to Candy Cane Lane. 

“There were reports of protestors walking in the roadway and using a bullhorn. Officers did not observe any violence or vandalism. No arrests were made and no citations were issued.”

Candy Cane Lane was first started in 1984 by a group of residents to raise money to go towards medical expenses accrued due to a child having cancer:

“In December, 1984, a wonderful group of neighbors living in West Allis, Wisconsin, joined together to collect donations for the MACC Fund – Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer, Inc., in honor of a neighbor’s child diagnosed with cancer. 

“The neighbors worked in concert with decorating their homes and encouraged visitors to make a small donation as they drove through the festively enhanced neighborhood. 

“All of the money raised went to supporting research, treatment, and the eventual discovery of a cure for childhood cancers and related blood diseases.”

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