WISCONSIN: Movement For Forensic Audit Develops In Legislature As Citizens Flood Capitol With Affidavits

WISCONSIN: Movement For Forensic Audit Develops In
Legislature As Citizens Flood Capitol With Affidavits 1

Wisconsinites are demanding that their legislative leaders provide them a full forensic audit in the Badger State, and now there is movement in the state legislature to get it done. Wisconsin was the site of the infamous early-morning paper-ballot dump in Milwaukee after the state’s vote-counting froze on Election Night as President Donald Trump was dominating nationally. The Milwaukee election chief Claire Woodall-Vogg was infamously caught on camera illegally counting paper ballots without observers present.

“We need to create transparency and settle the debate of truth vs. conspiracy. There is nothing of greater importance than ensuring that we uphold our constitutional rights to have a government of, by, and for the people,” said said Wisconsin state Rep. Timothy Ramthun, who wants a full forensic audit in addition to the multiple ongoing investigations into the 2020 election in Wisconsin including a probe overseen by the speaker of the Assembly. Obviously, Milwaukee County is where the forensic audit should begin, and Ramthun identified that county as one of his focus points. “The findings of two other states that show evidence of fraud that saw similar irregularities in their elections. It is our duty as a Legislature to restore confidence in our elections process,” stated Ramthun, referring to the massive fraud revelations in both Arizona and Georgia.

“It is vital to our democratic process that the Wisconsin Legislature acknowledges the alarming information that threatens the very fabric of our society,” Ramthun said.

The Milwaukee Election Commissioner took a police escort, wearing a progressive mask of course, to the courthouse to deliver the paper ballots in the early morning hours in disturbing fashion.

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