Wisconsin Residents Say They Saw Potential Fraud

Wisconsin Residents Say They Saw Potential Fraud 1

More than just the people who testified before Wisconsin lawmakers on Friday saw potential voter fraud in the November election.

Some watching the hearing say they also personally witnessed irregularities.

Andrea, a poll challenger from Janesville, Wisconsin, told NTD, “I had the opportunity to participate in the recount where I got to examine ballots. And even the people that were paid to count them were absolutely shocked and appalled at the things that have been going on in Wisconsin.”

She said one of the big problems she saw in this election was that Wisconsin Elections officials failed to remove outdated voter registrations, in violation of state law.

“I received three requests in the mail that I fill out for an application to get an absentee ballot. I always vote in person,” she said. “And so I really could have voted three times for my dead mother who is still on the rolls, my dead brother who is still on the rolls, because they refuse to clean up the rolls … hundreds of thousands of names of people that are dead, or have not lived here for years.”

Another poll challenger Michael Franks also witnessed unusual things during the Wisconsin recount.

“I did a sworn and notarized statement to this effect. I reviewed ballots for Edgerton, Ward 7, and Madison. In that time, I challenged every absentee ballot that came up, not one ballot was valid by Wisconsin State law, which they made us recite, before they’d stopped counting.

“Every ballot, or every single ballot was missing its application,” he said. “No one ever applied for it. And that’s in Edgerton. Now does Edgerton have valid ballots? Maybe. But I saw none. I saw not one ballot.”

Franks says he also saw ballots that were never folded.

“The ballots I saw had never been folded. And any clerk that knows how ballots are processed, knows that clerks folds the ballot before they send it to you. You complete it, and you fold it and put it back in that or in the envelope provided and you mail it back. There is no way that those ballots were processed, and they’re not folded.”

“I personally think that somebody on the ballot counting just brought in stacks of ballots. I don’t believe that the clerk in Ward 7 would be so foolish as to risk one felony count for every illegal ballot.”

He says he doesn’t think the state’s Republicans have done enough for the voters, nor have they shown enough support for the president.

Others share a similar sentiment.

“I really hope the Republicans get to sort it out and the state Democrats, if any of them have broken the law, then they face justice,” college student Isaiah said.

“I feel like the Democrats haven’t really provided any good refutations. They have sort of just been complaining about things or a lot of them just logged off without asking any questions, which I think really makes them look bad and sort of defeats their point.”

The voters also expressed their disappointment towards the censorship by corporate media and on social media.

“I’ve been kicked off Facebook for posting anything about voter fraud,” Franks said. “So has my wife, so have lots of other people. But the media is has been screaming for President Trump to capitulate, to give into the fraud, and he is a strong man and is not capitulating.”

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