Wisconsin Voter Says Americans Are Frustrated

Wisconsin Voter Says Americans Are Frustrated 1

MADISON—Sharon Abbott says the experience of this election has been one of frustration for many Americans, who are still seeking clarity, and it’s only fair that whoever takes office in the White House is someone the people have voted to elect.

“I think it’s really important to fight for our country, for fair elections. Everybody knows, it’s so obvious there has been fraud going on and irregularities with the machines, it’s just very frustrating,” Abbott said, protesting in Madison, Wisconsin, on Nov. 21, 2020.

“We’re just really frustrated, there’s a lot of Americans who are really frustrated,” she said. As a conservative, she feels what is being done to the country is an injustice.

“If somebody’s going to be in the White House they have to be there fairly,” she said. She wants to see all the legal votes counted and the illegitimate ones thrown out. “That’s what’s fair and right.”

“We have to go through each vote and make sure it’s a righteous vote,” she said. “We’ve heard of votes from dead people counted, we’ve heard of people going from one state to another where they don’t even live and voting where they don’t belong or voting multiple times. We need to have the votes audited, we need to have them counted carefully, and we need oversight. There needs to be people who can watch the votes being counted.”

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