Youngkin’s Victory Speech Focuses On Unity While McAuliffe Contests Election

Youngkin’s Victory Speech Focuses On Unity While McAuliffe
Contests Election 1

Virginia Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin’s victory speech focused on a unifying message for the people of Virginia, even as Democrat Terry McAuliffe, who lost the election, apparently prepares to contest the election results.

Youngkin pledged to voters “Together, we will change the trajectory of this commonwealth,” and “We will not be a commonwealth of low expectations, we’ll be a commonwealth of high expectations!”

Earlier tonight, Youngkin was declared the winner by a series of mainstream pundits and reliable media outlets. After midnight, major networks and the New York Times joined in declaring Youngkin the winner. Several other Republicans sailed to victory in statewide elections, buoyed by unpopular Democrat policies regarding education and COVID-19.

Regardless, McAuliffe is apparently planning to contest the election. He gave a speech earlier tonight and was accused of drinking, as he had wine colored purple lips during his appearance. He declared that more votes needed to be counted, then danced briefly before leaving the stage.

The losing candidate then took to Twitter and repeated his claims that more votes need to be counted. At press time, McAuliffe has yet to concede the election, even though he and many other Democrats harangued President Donald Trump and his supporters for contesting the 2020 election.

Many Republicans mocked the scandalous Democrat, referring to him as an “insurrectionist” when he refused to concede.

It appears as though McAuliffe and his supporters may be looking toward the situation in Fairfax County, Virginia, where technical difficulties stemming from a USB flash drive apparently required 20,000 ballots to be scanned a second time.

As National File reported, something similar happened in 2020, when Republican House candidate Nick Freitas and President Trump were both winning in Virginia’s 7th district, about two hours away from Fairfax County, until a USB flash drive containing 15,000 largely Democrat votes were found.

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