Election Fraud

YouTube goes full Big Brother, bans content on election 'fraud'

YouTube goes full Big Brother, bans content on election
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YouTube on Wednesday announced it will begin censoring videos concerning vote fraud in the disputed 2020 presidential election, with Democrats and their social-media allies claiming Joe Biden has won.

But President Trump has declined to concede, citing sworn statements and video evidence from multiple swing states of election malfeasance. The Supreme Court is considering whether or not to take a case filed by Texas against four battleground states.

YouTube, nevertheless, said, “We will start removing any piece of content uploaded today (or anytime after) that misleads people by alleging that widespread fraud or errors changed the outcome of the 2020 U.S. presidential elections.”

The company cited the Dec. 8 “safe harbor” deadline for states to select their electors and determined that “enough states have certified their election results to determine a president-elect.”

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It did not address the fact that in multiple states the votes remain under challenge and subject to court action.

YouTube insisted the outcome is already known, declaring “we will begin enforcing this policy today, and will ramp up in the weeks to come.”

“As always, news coverage and commentary on these issue can remain on our site if there’s sufficient education, documentary, scientific or artistic context.”

The company boasted in a page headlined “Supporting the 2020 U.S. election” that it’s been busy terminating more than 8,000 channels with “misleading” election videos.

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“We also disallow content alleging widespread fraud or errors changed the outcome of a historical U.S. presidential election.”

YouTube explains it has displayed “election results from The Associated Press” and also the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency’s Rumor Control page.

Now it will link to the “2020 Electoral College Results” page from the Office of the Federal Register, which calls Biden the president-elect.

It was YouTube, along with Google, that removed hundreds of Trump campaign ads, citing the company “policies.”

In an interview with the CBS News program “60 Minutes,” YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki insisted her platform’s algorithms “don’t have any concept of understanding what’s a Democrat, what’s a Republican.”

“They don’t have any concept of political bias built into them in anyway.”

But besides attacking the Trump ads, the company has censored many conserviative voices, including commentator and comedian Steven Crowder, investigative journalist James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas and Dennis Prager’s PragerU.

The National Pulse reported the YouTube move means the platform will likely “axe a host of pro-Trump accounts, as it has done before.”

The Hollywood Reporter reported a lawsuit against YouTube by 15 plaintiffs claimed the company engaged in “a purge” of content in violation of the First Amendment right “to broadcast political speech on matters of public interest.”

Tech companies such as YouTube now are protected by the Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act from liability for items users post on their platform. But since the industry as a whole largely has censored conservatives, Congress has looked at changing Section 230.

The argument is that social media companies, by controlling the editorial content on their sites, are acting as publishers and not simply as platforms for speech.

The National Pulse noted YouTube’s policy guidelines do not outline how the claims of election fraud are unsubstantiated.

Other social media companies have joined YouTube in controlling dialogue on controversial issues.

In fact, Facebook and Twitter lost their cool just days ago when President Trump posted a statement with the obvious: If there was, in fact, election fraud, Biden cannot be president.

The companies immediately placed “warnings” on his statement presuming that the establishment media are the arbiters of the election rather than the Electoral College.

Facebook even charged: “The AP has called the presidential race for Joe Biden.”

The AP charged Trump was “increasingly detached from reality.” It accused the president of “unspooling one misstatement after another to back his baseless claim that he really won.”

The report cited Trump’s allegation that mail-in ballots were processed illegally and in secret in Pennsylvania then stated as fact, without citation, that “no one tried to ban poll watchers representing each side in the election.”

See President Trump’s concerns about the election:

Trump said: “The constitutional process must be allowed to continue. We’re going to defend the honesty of the vote by ensuring that every legal ballot is counted and that no illegal ballot is counted. This is not just about honoring the votes of 74 million Americans who voted for me, it’s about ensuring that Americans can have faith in this election and in all future elections.”

He said a problem this year was “the Democrat party’s relentless push to print and mail out tens of millions of ballots sent to unknown recipients with virtually no safeguards of any kind.”

“This allowed fraud and abuse to occur in a scale never seen before. Using the pandemic as a pretext, Democrat politicians and judges drastically changed election procedures just months, and in some cases, weeks before the election on the 3rd of November.”

In fact, some of those changes violated state law or state constitutions, and the results now are being challenged.

Trump cited problems with voter rolls packed with ineligible voter, unexplained massive “dumps” of votes for Biden, and a company, Dominion, whose election counting machines have been alleged to have switched votes from Trump to Biden.

The president has charged that the Democrats “rigged” the election, using the Chinese virus pandemic as a reason to alter voting procedures to their benefit.

“In Pennsylvania, the secretary of state and the state supreme court in essence abolished signature verification requirements just weeks prior to the election, in violation of state law,” he said. “You’re not allowed to do that. It has to be approved by the legislature. A judge can’t do it. A state can’t do it. An official can’t do it. The only one that can do it is the legislature.”


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