Zogby Poll: 20% of Biden Voters Regret Voting For Joe Biden in 2020

Zogby Poll: 20% of Biden Voters Regret Voting For Joe Biden
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It turns out a significant percent of the woke wine mommies and guys with man buns who were ‘riden with Biden’ regret voting for Joe Biden.

According to a new Zogby poll, one-fifth of Biden voters want their vote back.

It’s too late.

The Zogby poll was conducted before Afghanistan fell to the Taliban and before 13 US service members were killed in the Kabul blast by a suicide bomber so the number of people who regret voting for Biden is definitely higher.

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The poll conducted an online survey of 2,173 Biden voters between August 5, 2021 and August 13, 2021.

More males and minorities regretted their votes compared to whites and females.

Via Zogby Analytics:

According to the latest Zogby Poll® one-fifth of likely voters regret voting for President Biden. On the surface it doesn’t seem like much, especially if you look at the three quarters of likely voters who did not regret their vote; 4% were not sure how they felt.

As for the poll, when we drill down and look at the demographics of the surveyed voters, some very important groups, who normally lean left and Democrat, were even more regretful about voting for the president in 2020. For example, younger voters aged 18-29 (27% yes/67% no/6% not sure) and middle aged voters aged 30-49 (30% yes/67% no/4% not sure) were much more likely to regret voting for Biden than older voters aged 50-64 (10% yes/87% no/3% not sure) and 65+ (6% yes/91% no/3% not sure). Regarding politics, nearly three in ten Republicans (29% yes/65% no/7% not sure) regretted voting for Biden, while one-fifth of Democrats (21% yes/77% no/3% not sure) also regretted voting for Joe Biden. Independents (14% yes/81% no/6% not sure) were the least likely to regret voting for Biden in 2020.

Men (27% yes/70% no/3% not sure) were twice as likely to regret voting for Joe Biden than women (13% yes/82% no/5% not sure). Ethnicity also factored in how much voters expressed regret about voting for Biden: Hispanics (33% yes/63% no/4% not sure) and African Americans (25% yes/70% no/5% not sure) were more likely than white voters (16% yes/80% no/4% not sure) to regret voting for Biden.

Where voters lived was also of significance when it came to whether voters’ regretted voting for President Biden. Urban voters (28% yes/67% no/4% not sure) were twice as likely to regret voting for Biden than suburban (14% yes/83% no/4%not sure) and rural voters (12% yes/86% no/3%not sure).

Joe Biden is in the dog house.
Even far-left NPR has Biden at 43% approval, and that was with a +7% Democrat sampling advantage.

Biden has a 43% approval overall, with 85% of Democrats allegedly still sticking with him (which is peculiar).

64% of Independents  and 95% of Republicans disapprove of his job performance.

Without the top-loading of Democrats, Joe Biden would be in the 30s!
That is unprecedented.

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