Actress Wanda Sykes: If you voted for Trump, there is a “racist bone in your body”

Actress Wanda Sykes: If you voted for Trump, there is a
“racist bone in your body” 1

Many celebrities such as Alyssa Milano and Cher, have been held up in their mansions during the pandemic, throwing jabs at President Trump every chance they can. Some celebrities feel as though it is their “duty” to use their positions to voice their opinions, but that is exactly what they are stating, nothing more than their opinions. 

Wanda Sykes is among the growing list of those spewing anti-Trump comments, and criticizing those who support the President, when she implied that President Trump, and anyone who voted for him is racist. 

While Joe Biden announced it is a “time to heal in America” during his premature acceptance speech, some have missed the message entirely, and feel as though it is time to attack President Trump and his supporters further.

According to Breitbart, actress Wanda Sykes said she is “praying” for all Trump supporters because those who voted to reelect President Donald Trump are all somewhat racist even if they don’t realize it.

Sykes took to Twitter, saying: 

“Here’s the tweet. If you voted for Trump, there is a racist bone in your body,” Wanda Sykes wrote. “It might be in your pinky toe… but it’s there. Praying for you.”

The tweet did not stop there however, as roughly two hours later, she added to the tweet, saying:

“Or maybe you’re just a greedy bastard.”

The well known actress and comedian’s comments are not valid and hold no merit, given the fact that results show President Trump’s votes increased with practically every ethnic minority, including blacks, Latinos, Jews, and Muslims.

Over the weekend, Sykes participated in a live script reading of the Christmas movie Elf (2003) in order to raise funds for the Democratic Party in Georgia ahead of next month’s all-important Senate races. She was joined in the effort by cast members Will Ferrell and Zooey Deschanel, as well as actor John Lithgow with the aim of giving the Democrat’s control of both houses of Congress. The event raised more than $400,000, according to Breitbart.

This is not the first time Sykes has made inappropriate comments about the president. Last year, the 56-year-old actress called the president a “lying motherfucker.”

Sykes’ comments about the President do not always sit well with everyone however. As her most recent comments are not appreciated by those who support the President, likewise in September 2018, Sykes was doing a standup routine in New Jersey when she decided to start making inappropriate jokes about the President. This prompted more than a dozen angry fans to begin booing her, and eventually walking out of the show.

In a half hearted attempted to make light of the situation, Sykes said:

“What do you expect? I’m a black lesbian.”

In an Emmy-nominated Netflix special Not Normal, Sykes took on President Trump, insisting that when she makes jokes about him, contrary to popular belief, they do not come naturally.  

Sykes said:

“You would think, ‘Oh boy, there’s so much to make fun of,’ but really I can’t write anything funnier or more ridiculous than what Trump actually says,”

She went on to say:

“It’s like doing a parody of a parody.”

As stated earlier, Cher is also a well known celebrity to speak out against the President. In September, Law Enforcement Today brought you the story of Cher calling President Trump a mass murderer, and suggesting punishing him by death. 

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HOLLYWOOD, CA – Cher, who like Alyssa Milano, is seemingly starting to notice that she is no longer truly famous, has tried to make her star rise once again amongst liberals.  One way to do that, bash President Trump.

Recently, Cher, for some unknown reason, decided to launch an attack at the President of the United States.  She recently tweeted that President Trump a mass murderer and that he should be put to death.  However, according to Breitbart News, that tweet has since been deleted.  She said:

“There’s a blame 4 killing someone…it’s called “murder.”  If you murder more than one person you are a mass murderer.  There are any punishments for different degrees of murder, but when someone “knowingly” murders people…the punishment is death.  Trump’s a mass murderer..hhmm.”

Cher is apparently alluding to the deaths caused by the COVID-19 pandemic that struck everyone throughout the world.  Apparently, she is of the belief that the President has not done enough to stop the virus.

Cher then continued on her tirade of blaming the President for where she believes he is a murderer:

“Keep Thinking Why Did Trump Lie.  I Mean, I know Why He Lied, BUT WHEN 10’s of Thousands of Ppl started Dying Why Didn’t His Conscience Kick In & Say To Him…WAIT.  NOT ONLY ARE U LETTING THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE DIE…THINK OF THE LOVED ONES…WHO WILL BE CRUSHED 4EVER.”

Cher then suddenly switched gears and started claiming President Trump was illegally moving money out of the 9/11 survivors account to somewhere else.  She tweeted:


While it is reported that $4 million dollars was withheld from the 9/11 account, there is no information that has been released as to why. 

According to the New York Daily News, it appears to have something to do with a feud between federal authorities and the State of New York over Medicare bills.  

Then, less than 10 minutes later, Cher tweets:


She then follows up 9 minutes later, tweeting:


Not sure what Cher is referring to when she talks about being ashamed.  Was she ashamed of alluding that President Trump should be executed?  Was she ashamed for not being an inner beacon for all of us?

President Trump took many actions in the beginning of the year designed to slow the spread of the virus in the United States.  This move angered many democratic leaders who claimed the move was really racially motivated.  According to the Gateway Pundit, Democrat Chuck Schumer tweeted:

“The premature travel ban to and from China by the current administration is just an excuse to further his ongoing war against immigrants.  There must be a check and Balance on these restrictions.”

So, here is just one example of many in which President Trump proactively took in order to keep the virus at bay in the United States, and he was attacked for doing so by democratic leaders.  Could this be what Cher is ashamed of, that the President took early actions to prevent the spread of the virus in the country and democrats attacked him for it?

There are many steps President Trump and his administration did and are still doing to combat the virus.  The problem is that they are not reported on in the mainstream media, which could be why Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden thinks there is no such thing as a rapid test for the virus yet.

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