Arizona Secretary of State Candidate Who Killed Election Integrity Bill Gets BOOED Off Stage, Escorted Out By Police

Arizona Secretary of State Candidate Who Killed Election
Integrity Bill Gets BOOED Off Stage, Escorted Out By Police 1

Arizona Sen. Michelle Ugenti-Rita, who is now running for Arizona Secretary of State and recently killed election integrity legislation to help prevent accusations of fraud in future races, was booed off the stage during her speech at the Turning Point USA Chapter Leadership Summit held today in Phoenix, Arizona.

Ugenti-Rita begged the crowd multiple times to allow her to give her speech, but was met by a chorus of boos throughout. Eventually, she admitted defeat, and angrily stomped off stage after telling voters, “I will win my primary!” National File spoke to a source who attended the event and understands that she was escorted from the venue by the Phoenix Police Department.

On Ugenti-Rita’s decision to block election integrity legislation, National File previously reported:

SB1241, which was set for its third reading in the Senate on Tuesday, contained over 34 various election integrity measures, including: requiring paper ballot copies for every vote cast on a voting machine, securing those machines and hard drives outside of voting hours, sending ballots with mismatched signatures to the Attorney General for potential investigation, requiring ballot observers to be able to see the voting machines, increasing chain of custody requirements, and forcing anyone registering in Arizona who moved from another state to deregister from their previous state.

However, Republican Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita, announced that she would join the Democrats in voting against the election integrity bill, which Townsend implied was revenge for her own vote against Ugenti-Rita’s SB1485. Although SB1485 included some election integrity measures, it would not have applied key revisions in time for the 2022 primaries, leaving them open to the same potential attacks that may have occurred in the 2020 election.

Much of the provisions included in the final version of SB1241 were tacked onto the bill when it went through the House, after Ugenti-Rita refused to allow Townsend to hear the issues in the Government Committee that she chaired. When it came to voting, Ugenti-Rita objected exactly because of the methodology Townsend used to get the issues into the bills, despite the fact it was her own tactics had seemingly forced her to do.

Later in the event, Rep. Paul Gosar invited the mother of Ashli Babbitt to attend his speech, and National File was able to interview her. She was met by uproarious applause and chants of “Ashli!” at the event.

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