Arizona Senate Candidate Blake Masters Points to Decreasing Homeownership, Family Formation as American Decline

Arizona Senate Candidate Blake Masters Points to Decreasing
Homeownership, Family Formation as American Decline 1

Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters is pointing to declining rates of homeownership, marriage and birthrates as evidence of the unraveling of the American social fabric, pledging to work to ameliorate the pervasive blocks to family formation and prosperous communities if elected. Mr. Masters made reference to the set of problems in a Tuesday interview with American Moment, a national populist think tank.

Republicans who emphasize family values have at times proven unwilling to offer solutions for America’s declining birthrate and social-economic dysfunction, problems abetted by an economy increasingly structured exclusively to generate profits for massive global corporations and corrupt oligarchs.

Both American birthrates and the rate of marriage in the United States hit all-time lows during the coronavirus epidemic, amounting to a disaster for social, economic and political stability in the country. Ever-increasing percentages of single-family homes available on the real estate market have been gobbled up by Wall Street hedge funds such as Blackrock, with home prices rising monumentally. The economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the greatest transfer of wealth to the wealthiest American oligarchs in history, with Americans increasingly divided into rich and poor as the middle class disappears.

Masters has strongly emphasized rebuilding the American family during his campaign, at times striking a tone on issues impacting the plight of middle-class Americans that resembles some rhetoric emphasized by Andrew Yang during his 2020 presidential campaign.

Masters proposes rebuilding a middle-class American economy through reducing immigration, placing the interests of small and medium businesses over those of global corporations, and stringent pro-American trade policies. The Thiel Capital executive has emerged as a prominent voice among new generations of Republicans willing to criticize corporate domination over the US economy, at times hearkening back to authentic and pro-American ‘progressivism’ as it was known in the era of Teddy Roosevelt.

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