Arizonans: Good People Can Change a Nation

Arizonans: Good People Can Change a Nation 1

People in Arizona, Phoenix, sang the national anthem on Saturday to kick off a peaceful rally.

A Mississippi businessman and Trump supporter, Buddy Hall, spent over a million dollars on an “unofficial campaign bus” for Trump’s reelection.

Buddy Hall said: “To be honest with you, I have never voted in my life. I always thought the Democrats and Republicans are just like the Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers. We’re all Americans, we all love each other. But then I saw the burning buildings down, the killings, defunding the police, all these crazy [kinds of] stuff. Another reason why I never voted is I’m just one vote. I figured my vote isn’t gonna make a difference. They’re gonna tell me they’re gonna do whatever, and if I vote for them they probably aren’t going to do it. So why waste my time? So I decided to try to make a difference and help promote our great President and so I bought the bus tour the country with it.”

The rally’s organizer Tara Immen says she was spurred on by the present and the past: “I truly believe our constitution and declaration, along with the Bible are the most sacred documents. It only takes a small people, who are good people, who are of sound minds that can truly change and transform a nation. We finally have a president with an absolute strong backbone. He is not afraid to say what he wants [to say]. He calls the fake news out. … He’s standing up to human trafficking rights. He signed the 1776 act to bring back patriotic teaching in our schools. He also loves our constitution, stands for constitutional rights. Defends it. He doesn’t even take his salary! I support Trump for a million other reasons, but I love him because he’s finally someone who’s not afraid of the mob.”

She believes that Trump won the election, but it was then stolen. However, she is not discouraged: “I think it was good this played out so that way, America could see the swamp and the fraud in it.”

Kip Gates had another reason for coming: “I am a Christian, I’m a Cowboys, and I believe in everything this man is doing from the bottom of his heart. I’m here because I want to stick up and show people that God is number one, that the country needs God, needs people like President Trump to lead them, lead them on end to making America Great Again.”

Gates said he had a personal message for President Trump: “God bless you. You’re a man. You’re a great figure for this country, and I’m behind you 150 percent. I’ll saddle my horse and ride into the sunset just for you.”

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