Arizona’s Kelly Townsend Calls for Michelle Ugenti-Rita, Who Got Booed Off Stage, To Resign: ‘You Have Violated Your Oath’

Arizona’s Kelly Townsend Calls for Michelle Ugenti-Rita, Who
Got Booed Off Stage, To Resign: ‘You Have Violated Your
Oath’ 1

Arizona Senator Kelly Townsend is calling for the resignation of Arizona State Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita, who is now running for Secretary of State, after she was booed off stage by the TPUSA crowd last night for her killing of chain of custody and election integrity bills and had a reporter handcuffed and detained for “harassment.”

The TPUSA event resulted in some drama following Arizona State Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita getting booed off stage for her killing of Arizona State Senator Kelly Townsend’s election integrity and chain of custody bills. After the RINO state senator was booed off stage, she was approached by a Gateway Pundit reporter who asked her why she killed the bills. “Because it was bad,” Ugenti-Rita responded. She then told police on the scene that the reporter was harassing her, resulting in the reporter’s detainment by police who handcuffed him and placed him in the back of a police vehicle while he was trying to speak to Senator Townsend on the phone. Senator Townsend is now calling for Ugenti-Rita to resign.

After Townsend expressed her outrage over how Ugenti-Rita had the police arrest a reporter, the reporter was ultimately released. “I think it’s concerning that someone on our side has such disregard for the Constitution that she would seek to have a journalist arrested because he dared ask her a question about me that angered her. I am glad we were able to resolve the issue and correct what could have been a great miscarriage of justice,” said Townsend.

“As a veteran, I believe the only thing that is important right now is to get our elections secured. Americans, choose wisely in 2022, support those who support the audit. You will know who does, and who does not. Do not back down.” The Gateway Pundit explained what happened to their reporter at the behest of Ugenti-Rita:

While on the phone with the Senator and simply walking to meet her outside of the event, police grabbed Conradson and used handcuffs to put him in the back of a police car.

Conradson could hear police radios accusing him of being a member of the Proud Boys, a right-wing organization that the left has labeled as terrorists. Conradson has no affiliation with any political groups.

The police said he was facing a misdemeanor and a fine of up to $900. This tyrant violated Conradson’s free press rights. State Senator Kelly Townsend raised hell when this happened which is most likely what led to Conradson’s release. The officers dropped Conradson off at his vehicle and said that he is permanently banned from the venue.

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