Watch: RINO AZ Senator Who Voted Against Election Integrity Bill Booed Off Stage

Watch: RINO AZ Senator Who Voted Against Election Integrity
Bill Booed Off Stage 1

Republican Arizona State Sen. Michelle Ugenti-Rita was booed off the stage at a rally which former President Trump was set to appear.

Ugenti-Rita, who notably voted against a GOP-backed measure that would remove tens of thousands of voters from the state’s early ballot mailing list, was met with a chorus of boos while speaking at the “Protect Our Elections” rally hosted by TPUSA in Phoenix on Saturday.

“Why don’t you listen to what I have to say?” asked Ugenti-Rita, adding “Listen. Fine, OK… I am running to be your next Secretary of State. I’m going to win the primary. Thank you very much.”

In addition to voting against the election integrity measure, Ugenti-Rita also no longer supports a months-long audit of the 2020 election in Maricopa County.

“I won’t support bills that fail to strengthen our election system. The same holds true for the audit. I supported the audit, but I do not support the Trump audit any longer,” she said, adding “I wanted to review our election processes and see what, if anything, could be improved. Sadly, it’s now become clear that the audit has been botched.”

Following her booing, Ugenti-Rita allegedly had a Gateway Pundit reporter handcuffed by police for ‘harassing’ her, then lashed out at Sen. Kelly Townsend for ‘encouraging him to break the law by committing trespassing by re-entering the building to continue to harass me.

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After Townsend expressed her outrage over how Ugenti-Rita had the police arrest a reporter, the reporter was ultimately released. “I think it’s concerning that someone on our side has such disregard for the Constitution that she would seek to have a journalist arrested because he dared ask her a question about me that angered her. I am glad we were able to resolve the issue and correct what could have been a great miscarriage of justice,” said Townsend.

“As a veteran, I believe the only thing that is important right now is to get our elections secured. Americans, choose wisely in 2022, support those who support the audit. You will know who does, and who does not. Do not back down.” The Gateway Pundit explained what happened to their reporter at the behest of Ugenti-Rita:

While on the phone with the Senator and simply walking to meet her outside of the event, police grabbed Conradson and used handcuffs to put him in the back of a police car.

Conradson could hear police radios accusing him of being a member of the Proud Boys, a right-wing organization that the left has labeled as terrorists. Conradson has no affiliation with any political groups.

The police said he was facing a misdemeanor and a fine of up to $900. This tyrant violated Conradson’s free press rights. State Senator Kelly Townsend raised hell when this happened which is most likely what led to Conradson’s release. The officers dropped Conradson off at his vehicle and said that he is permanently banned from the venue.

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Needless to say, Midterms may be a bloodbath for RINOs trying to ‘take their party back.’

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