‘ARREST THEM’: Wendy Rogers Responds to Maricopa County and Dominion Refusing to Comply with Senate Subpoenas

‘ARREST THEM’: Wendy Rogers Responds to Maricopa County and
Dominion Refusing to Comply with Senate Subpoenas 1

Arizona State Senator and Trump-ally Wendy Rogers has called for the arrest of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and executives of Dominion Voting Systems, following their refusal to comply with Senate-issued subpoenas.

Last week, the Arizona Senate issued subpoenas to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and Dominion Voting Systems, the company behind the software and machines used in the county during the election, for various items and information that would be needed by the team running the professional forensic audit of the results. These included ballots, routers, network logs, and other such election material.

However, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors on Monday declared that they would not be complying with the Senate subpoena. As National File reported:

In a letter sent to Senate President Karen Fann from their attorney, they simultaneously claimed that they had sent over what was needed, that what was demanded never existed, and further refused to send over other information and items, including the routers, offering multiple excuses including security issues which have already been repeatedly debunked.

In a statement, Board Chairman Jack Sellers said that the Arizona Senate is continuing to “deny reality,” and argued that “the election held in Maricopa County was one of the best run elections in the United States,” claiming “real election experts all agree on that point.” He argued that “Maricopa County long ago provided to the Arizona Senate everything competent auditors would need to affirm the accuracy and security of the November General Election,” and that new demands “are an attempt to distract attention from their botched audit and conspiracy-obsessed contractors.”

It was further revealed that Dominion Voting Systems, the company behind the software and machines used in Maricopa County, would also not be complying with their subpoena. “Dominion is not a public officer or public body, and therefore, has no obligation to make its records available for public inspection,” wrote John Poulos, the CEO of Dominion. “Because the Law has no application, Dominion will not produce or allow inspection of the materials requested in Senator Fann’s July 23 letter.”

State Senator Wendy Rogers, a long-time ally of President Trump, and one of the loudest voices in favour of the forensic audit, was not at all pleased by the refusal from Maricopa County and Dominion to engage with the subpoenas. “I would have arrested all of these people already if I had the power to do so,” Rogers tweeted. “I vote to arrest. Arrest and put them in solitary,” she continued, further wondering if there were enough “solitary confinement cells available in Arizona” for all of them. “We are going to need the lot.”

Rogers continued her online slamming of the “fraud machine company” and Maricopa County, noting that their behaviour suggests that they are acting guilty. “If it walks like a duck…” she tweeted. She also posited whether stolen elections “should be considered treason,” evoking a strong reaction from many in the replies.

Fellow pro-Trump State Senator Sonny Borrelli also joined in, replying to “stand by” with someone jokingly suggesting to “release the Kraken,” a reference to the many documents and evidence of fraud put together following the election.

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Maricopa County Board issues defiant response to audit subpoenas
BREAKING: Maricopa Board of Supervisors Refuses To Comply with Senate Subpoena, Turn Over Election Materials

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