BREAKING: Maricopa Board of Supervisors Refuses To Comply with Senate Subpoena, Turn Over Election Materials

BREAKING: Maricopa Board of Supervisors Refuses To Comply
with Senate Subpoena, Turn Over Election Materials 1

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors are refusing to comply with the Arizona Senate’s subpoena, attacking the audit as being “botched.”

Last week, the Arizona Senate served Maricopa County with a subpoena ordering them to turn over election materials and other related items to the election from November of last year. As National File reported, the subpoena demanded the County turn over:

  • Any reports and documents related to any breach of the voter registration server, the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office systems, or any other aspect of the Maricopa County elections systems at any time within six months of the election.
  • All ballot envelopes and digital images of those ballots.
  • Usernames, passwords, and other such information for the ballot tabulation devices, at all levels of access.
  • The voter registration database for Maricopa County, including the history of all changes made to that database.
  • All routers used in connection with the election, and the public IP of the routers.
  • Network logs related to any administrative system for the election.

However, on Monday, Maricopa County confirmed that they would not be complying with the Senate subpoena. In a letter sent to Senate President Karen Fann from their attorney, they simultaneously claimed that they had sent over what was needed, that what was demanded never existed, and further refused to send over other information and items, including the routers, offering multiple excuses including security issues which have already been repeatedly debunked.

In a statement, Board Chairman Jack Sellers said that the Arizona Senate is continuing to “deny reality,” and argued that “the election held in Maricopa County was one of the best run elections in the United States,” claiming “real election experts all agree on that point.” He argued that “Maricopa County long ago provided to the Arizona Senate everything competent auditors would need to affirm the accuracy and security of the November General Election,” and that new demands “are an attempt to distract attention from their botched audit and conspiracy-obsessed contractors.”

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Sellers was even more vicious in his official letter to all Arizona State Senators. “If you haven’t figured out that the election in Maricopa County was free, fair, and accurate yet, I’m not sure you ever will,” he wrote, claiming that “the reason you haven’t finished your ‘audit’ is because you hired people who have no experience and little understanding of how professional elections are run.” Sellers continued his barbed attack, saying that the Board has “real work to do and little time to entertain this adventure in never-never land.”

He even went so far as to compare the forensic audit, which has just completed the counting of ballots, and seems to have already uncovered significant issues with the election, to outlandish conspiracy theories, such as claims of “an injection of ballots from Asia” and “a satellite that beamed votes into our election equipment,” in an effort to play down the nature of the actual claims from the auditors themselves.

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