AZ Audit Update: Paper Analysis COMPLETED – Team Vacating Coliseum – What’s Next!?

AZ Audit Update: Paper Analysis COMPLETED – Team Vacating
Coliseum – What’s Next!? 1

It appears that the Arizona audit has finally finished with the paper evaluation phase and they are now removing tables from the floor as they vacate the coliseum.

Volunteers slammed a box closed and everyone cheered in celebration. We believe this was the last box.

There are only a few volunteers on the floor completing the quality control checks.

The audit team is still lacking the subpoenaed routers, logs and passwords, so litigation is expected in order to obtain that information. They will need this information to complete the full forensic audit. Legislative subpoenas for this data were issued on January 13, 2021.

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Christina Bobb reported on One America News that she anticipates the results will be released in two phases. On Monday we may see a preliminary report, which details the accuracy of the number of certified ballots. Next, we should expect to see a full forensic report which details of the forensic images and ballot findings.

Upon release of the forensic report, we will know if Attorney General Brnovich needs to get involved and pursue an investigation.

Other states are looking to start a full forensic audit of their own but Republican legislators in these states are not standing up for their constituents.

If you want to see an audit in your home state, call your legislators NOW.

We should know whether the number of ballots is accurate by Monday.

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