BREAKING: SCOTUS Says California Can't Completely Ban Indoor Worship Services

BREAKING: SCOTUS Says California Can't Completely Ban Indoor
Worship Services 1
SCOTUS Brings the Hallelujah 

The Supremes were working late on Friday night:

The Supreme Court is telling California it can’t enforce a ban on indoor church services because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The high court issued orders late Friday in two cases where churches had sued over coronavirus-related restrictions in the state.

The high court said that for now, California can’t ban indoor worship in areas where virus cases are surging, but it can cap indoor services at 25% of a building’s capacity. The justices also declined to stop the state from barring singing and chanting at services.

Predictably, the three liberal justices dissented.

This is a start but there is a long way to go. Save for a couple of SCOTUS interventions, the liberal war on religion in the name of COVID-19 has gone on pretty much unchecked.

The singing thing is beyond petty and proof positive that this really is about exercising control rather than public health. In places where indoor worship is allowed — my parish here in Tucson included — social distancing is being practiced and masks are being worn. Despite these precautions, we’re supposed to believe that the virus is going to develop super powers and bust through the masks while the one-quarter capacity congregation is belting out How Great Thou Art.

Let the people congregate and pray. The world needs it.


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SCOTUS: California Can’t Enforce Indoor Church Service Ban
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