By Not Investigating Historic and Massive Election Fraud, Are Deep State DOJ and FBI Attempting to Invalidate Election Fraud Suits?

By Not Investigating Historic and Massive Election Fraud,
Are Deep State DOJ and FBI Attempting to Invalidate Election Fraud
Suits? 1

It’s really startling to see how much Obama contaminated
everything in the US government.�

We knew four years ago how corrupt the FBI was after letting
Hillary off with no charges after numerous criminal actions were
found relating to her email.  Before that there were numerous
obvious criminal activities that took place during the Obama years:
from the sale of his Senate seat to Benghazi; the IRS targeting
conservatives; fast and furious; the Iran deal; Obama spying on
Americans and even setting them up; etc.

Obama, the Chicago politician, came into the White House and
corrupted what seems like every US government agency.  Under the
Trump Presidency we have seen corrupt Obama Intelligence and Law
Enforcement members embed themselves in Trump’s Administration
and spy on his team.  We’ve seen them create investigations based
on phony evidence and manufactured lies.  We’ve seen the corrupt
Russia investigation with numerous criminal activities and lies
identified out in the open.  But no one was ever charged.  As Dan
Bongino says:

Make no mistake – liberals,
& their media sycophants, know Obama was the most corrupt
president in US history. But it doesn’t bother them. They worship
power and those who abuse power. FACT!#Obamagate

— Dan Bongino (@dbongino) May 12,

The Russia collusion sham was the greatest lie and a coup
against an American President since Abraham Lincoln was murdered in
a coup.

Now President Trump faces another coup attempt.  One of
many in this rolling coup.  This time the deep state and most
likely foreign entities are attempting to steal the election from
the greatest President in history. 

Never before has an American President received more than 70
million votes in history.  Obama had the record in 2008 with 69
million but this year, President Trump shattered it with over 74 million votes
This man was for the American people and they responded before the
election attending massive rallies, car parades, truck parades,
boat parades and then voted in the millions.

But the Democrats and their cohorts in crime were not
going to let Trump win. 

They did every imaginable thing to steal the election.  They
manipulated millions of votes using voting machines, the same
machines used to steal elections in Venezuela.  They manufactured
hundreds of thousands of fake ballots and mailed them in and when
they weren’t enough, carted them in after the election polls were
closed.  They hired what appear to be BLM members around the
country to count the votes.  They brought in other similar groups
to harass Republican observers attempting to ensure a fair
election.  Then they forced Republicans out of the rooms entirely
despite court orders so they could count the votes in secret.

But where is the FBI, DOJ and other government agencies?   How
come again it is us average Americans who find the lies and

Now with Trump going to the courts and trying to fight the
current election results which include gross over statements for
Biden who likely didn’t even reach 60 million votes, the FBI and
others aren’t there.

FBI Director
Wray actually claimed
before the election that there was no
evidence of voter fraud.

Corrupt FBI Director Chris Wray and Now Fired CISA Director Chris
Krebs Produced Video Before Election Declaring 2020 Election

Now instead of helping the President and arresting criminals in
our midst, Wray’s FBI is harassing witnesses for the

Facts matter… except if you
are a member of the @FBI

— Tony Shaffer (@T_S_P_O_O_K_Y) December
9, 2020

The FBI must be destroyed and rebuilt.  It is corrupt and
its actions confirm it is a big part of Obama’s Deep State. 
These  agencies should be fighting for freedom and justice and
instead they are fighting against the American people and their

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By Not Investigating Historic and Massive Election Fraud, Are Deep
State DOJ and FBI Attempting to Invalidate Election Fraud
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