California bill would force toy stores to be gender-neutral

California bill would force toy stores to be
gender-neutral 1

(LIFESITE NEWS) – In February of last year, The Babylon Bee published a satire story titled, “California Bill Prohibits Stores From Selling Toys That Don’t Actively Confuse Children’s Sexuality.” The Bee noted: “The law will ensure no more anti-science ‘boy aisles’ or ‘girl aisles’ like the ones used in deplorable states. Now shoppers can search the entire store before finding the gender nonconforming toy that is right for them.”

As The Bee’s managing editor Joel Berry stated on Twitter: “WELP… another @TheBabylonBee prophecy fulfilled.”

You read that right. The California State Assembly will be considering a new bill that forces department stories to rearrange their toy sections to ensure that they are “gender-neutral.” The bill was put forward last year by Democrat Evan Lowe, who says he got the idea from a female staffer offended by the fact that her daughter had to get a toy she wanted from the boys’ section. This inconvenience, in California, must be addressed by laws inconveniencing stores. He is now putting it forward again. The need, after all, is still a pressing one.

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